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Do not go vegan

1. There are way too many health benefits, you wouldn’t want to put the medical profession out of business!

A plant-based vegan diet is teeming with health benefits, such as:

– Reduced risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes
– Eliminating all cholesterol
– Reduced rates of cancers
– Clearer, healthier skin
– More energy
– Decreased chance of food poisoning

But come on, medical doctors have gone through a minimum of 7 years training to be able to diagnose and treat health conditions, and it’s not really fair to them if all their clients suddenly disappear with a clean bill of health! So for the doctors sake, best to stay away from the vegan diet and keep these hardworking doctors in business!

2. You’ll feel amazing

Not just in your health, but in your mood as well, and there’s nothing more frustrating than someone who is literally glowing from the inside out!!

Be prepared to be the target of all of your friend’s jealousy, as you feel as energized and youthful as your 15-year-old self!

3. Once your eyes have been opened you can’t ignore it anymore

Nobody wants to see an animal tortured or in pain. Yet this is the reality for the 56 billion animals that are killed every year by humans (not including fish and other sea creatures). That means that 3000 animals are dying every single second.

Once you’ve seen the behind-the-scenes reality of eating animals, you can never unseen it. Get ready to break free of the matrix and see the world in an entirely different way.

4. Everyone around you will become an expert on nutrition

You’ll be blown away by how many people suddenly have a degree in nutrition and are terribly worried about how you’re possibly getting your protein.

The good news – there is not one instance of someone dying from a protein deficiency, in fact, when examining the bodies of prisoners who had passed away following a hunger strike, the men all had plenty of protein left in their cells and it was actually a loss of fat that led to their demise. Tell that to the next concerned aunt/teacher/bus driver who asks: “but where do you get your protein?”

5. Your taste buds will change dramatically.

Once you’ve been plant-based for a period of time, flavours take on a whole new level of intensity, so that even food you once considered bland will now become a taste sensation in your mouth!

Get ready to taste your food completely for the first time!

6. You’ll be amazed at the alternatives available

Most people have heard of the American concept:the Freshman 15’, where students put on 15 pounds in their first year of college. Get ready for the vegan 5! There is literally vegan substitutes for every single animal product, from devilled eggs to snickers filled brioche donuts, to ham and cheese croissants and its hard to say no when you’ve got to sample everything!

7. The restaurants

Melbourne has its finger on the pulse with some of the best vegan restaurants. From the award-winning cuisine at Smith and Daughters (think ‘tuna’ and pea croquettes and a blood sausage) to the humble yet constantly packed Vegie bar.

There is no shortage of places to eat;we’ve even got our very own fast-food chain, Lord of the Fries, which can solve any late night food craving!

So there goes that excuse not to eat out anymore!

8. Meeting people becomes ridiculously easy

The vegan social network is notorious for its ability to connect and join like-minded people together from all around the world. There are events on every week, from dinners to orienteering races to Zumba classes, you definitely won’t be lacking in new friendships once you become vegan!

There’s only so many days in a week and with all your new friends, you’ll be hard-pressed to find the time to fit them all in J

9. The celebrations

Being vegan is something to be proud of and Melbourne is leading the frontline in its celebrations. World Vegan Day is one of the biggest vegan festivals around the world and is full of interesting and informative talks,cruelty-free fashion shows, fitness and food demonstrations, row upon row of vegan stalls and the biggest assortment of vegan foods that will keep you full for days!

So in short, if you don’t like food, fun, and friends, and you’re not too fussed about your health, don’t go vegan.There’s way too many changes that may increase your well-being, vitality, and happiness, and it can be downright annoying to feel this good!!



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