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Tofu Katsudon Don (Japanese Cutlets with Rice) Recipe

Katsudon normally uses pork. I use tofu instead to make it healthier!
This vegan katsudon looks like real kasudon and it tastes fantastic.
Serves 2
*200g semi dried tofu – sliced into 6 pieces
*50g flour
*2 tbsp water
*4 tbsp bread crumbs
*olive oil to fry tofu
*1/2 onion – sliced
*4 shitake mushrooms – sliced
*1tbsp sesame oil
*1 knob garlic – finely chopped
*garnish – spring onion & chilli (optional)
*1 cup cooked sushi rice
Amadare (sweet Japanese sauce) Sauce ingredients
*60ml SAORI Tsuyu (Seaweed & Soya) Japanese Sauce
*60ml water
*1tbs brown sugar
*1tbs corn flour
Tofu Katsudon Recipe
1: To make amadare sauce, combine all the “sauce” ingredients in a bowl and mix well
2: Pour into a frying pan and cook it on a medium heat for about 3 minutes until the sauce thickens
3: To make batter, mix flour & water and then coat tofu with it
4: Next coat the tofu in bread crumbs
5: Fry tofu on both sides in olive oil until golden
6: Cut the tofu in halves
7: Stir fry garlic, sliced onion and shitake mushrooms in sesame oil and flavour with the 1tbsp Amadare sauce
8: Put rice in a bowl and then add stir fried onions and shitake mushrooms
Put the fried tofu on top and pour on the rest of the amadare sauce
9: Garnish with spring onions & chilli (optional) related item
SAORI Tsuyu ( Seaweed & Soya Japanese Sauce)
ABOUT SAORI Premium Japanese Sauce
Saori Kojima created her range of healthy and delicious sauces so that anybody can enjoy a large variety of quick and easy Japanese dishes. You don’t need to go to a restaurant to enjoy fine Japanese meals anymore.  You can make them in the comfort your own home anytime you like.
SAORI Premium Japanese Sauce is based in Melbourne.
All our products are 100% natural & 100% suitable for vegans


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