Ten ways to vegan up your life


Often we focus on food with veganism but there are so many other areas of our life we need to look at to ensure we are living a cruelty-free ethical life.

Here are our top ten tips:

1) Change your Coffee Cup – we throw away millions of coffee cups and lids every day impacting our marine life and flora. Take a reusable cup and stop the waste.

2) Water Bottle – Like coffee cups 2.5 million plastic bottles are used every hour in the US. Plastic left out in the sun can cause leaching of toxins into the bottle and into you. Grab a stainless steel bottle and go.

3) Clothing – check what you are wearing whether it is wool, leather, silk or other animal derived products. There are some great ethical solutions out there like James & Co for jackets, Vegan Style for Shoes and I’ve found Free People in the US has a fantastic range of stylish vegan shoes.

4) Toothbrushes – In Australia we throw away over 30 million plastic toothbrushes into landfill every year. And we don’t need to. Bamboo toothbrushes clean your teeth and are biodegradable so pop in the compost when finished.

5) Plastic Bags – Quit the plastic bags; they are killing our planet. Take a box to the shops or one of the hundreds of bags sitting in your house (we all have them). And if retailers are using too much plastic in their packaging call them on it.

6) Check your Skin Care and Make up
You’ll be amazed what ingredients are in skin care and make up and how much is stil tested on animals.  From carmine to lanolin to fillers, it’s all there. So for yourself, for our beautiful planet and animals check the ingredients in what you are using.

7) Plastic Straws – Straws are one of our biggest problems. In the US they use over 500 million a day! The plastic doesn’t break down easily and either sits there for years or ends up in our waterways and marine life. Either don’t use them or use bamboo or steel straws.

8) Toilet Paper – yes your toilet paper is paper but how does it come…in plastic. We love, and use, Pure Planet. Made with bamboo and sugar cane, wrapped in paper and delivered in a box as often as you want it.

9) Storing Food – Glass storage jars are great for storing food and if you buy in bulk even better.  Source Foods is a good store for bulk buyin

10 Around the house – there are many alternatives including soap nuts, coconut dish scrubbers, toilet cleaners and toxin free, vegan detergent.

Flora & Fauna is Australia’s largest 100% vegan beauty & lifestyle store with over 100 brands and 1500 products. Our mission is to change the way people shop.

Julie, the founder, is a passionate planet lover. She loves animals, nature and this amazing world we have the honor of living in and that was the driver for founding Flora & Fauna.


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