Minty Mango Smoothie
by Michelle


IngredientsMovie Fifty Shades Darker (2017)

2 frozen bananas
1 frozen mango cheek
4 heaped tablespoons of cashew cream
2 cups of almond milk
A small handful of mint (approx. 10 large leaves)
2 passion fruit


Place the banana, mango, mint leaves and cashew cream into a blender.

You want to blend the ingredients until they are smooth and look like ice cream.

I start off blending slow, eventually blending on high as the fruit breaks down.

Once the fruit has blended enough to look like ice cream, add one cup of almond milk and blend again.

Scrape down the sides and add the second cup to blend in too.
Take two glasses or jars and put the pulp of one passion fruit in each.

Pour the smoothie evenly across the two glasses and top with some fresh mint to look pretty.

My recipe is my absolute favourite vegan smoothie.
I created the recipe myself for my blog


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