Micro biome?Sandy Wexler film trailer

Micro what?

Well it’s not every day that science gets flipped on it’s head, however that is what we are seeing today.

For a long time we’ve treated the tiny creatures or microbes that live all around us as the enemy but now science is realising that far from being our enemy they are essential to our wellbeing.

The micro biome is the ‘new’ scientific term to describe how these microscopic creatures live within and interact with each of us.  This relationship is so close that it’s hard to determine where microbes end and human starts.  No longer think of yourself as human, instead think of yourself as a living ecosystem, which like all ecosystems is impacted by environmental inputs.

What’s that?  Yes environmental input is the Number One factor in determining the health of your micro biome, and therefor you! The biggest environmental factor is our diet, with diet having the ability to influence who grows inside us, how our genes are expressed and ultimately how we feel and perform.

And here’s the best news!  Of all the foods we can feed our micro biome vegetables are what they like best!

So tuck into your fresh veg it’s feeding ALL of you!

We’ll be sharing more about the micro biome at World Vegan Day.

We’ve created a space for you to come and try, share and reconnect, it’s going to be fun so make sure you drop by!


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