The art show supports and promotes local artists that display themes of compassion, sustainability, cultural diversity and a healthy lifestyle.  World Vegan Day looks to celebrate work from indigenous Australians and cultures from around the world, providing students with an opportunity to display their work in front of thousands of people.

(In alphabetical order)

Adele Marshell

Adele Marshall has been painting her whole life, predominantly in watercolours. She currently focuses on painting animals in acrylics. The artist is a Flight Attendant who is also a certified dog trainer. After teaching puppy classes for eight years she became frustrated at seeing an increase of puppy farmed pups attending her classes. As a result of this she has been volunteering through Oscar’s Law as a speaker in schools and clubs to educate the public. This brought about an awareness of related animal welfare issues and consequently the artist became vegan four years ago.

Alex Edward Zilla

Alex Edward Zilla was born and raised overseas in a British School, where he saw the world from a different perspective. He finished high school in Sydney and now lives in Melbourne as a full time Artist and Student. With no formal education in the arts, Alex is a natural born artist and is influenced by the world around him, especially the small details that fuel his imagination. He grew up, creating works we can barely imagine, but displays them perfectly on canvas for us to envision. He has passion to make a difference in this world with his organic following he has grown of over 5000. He has sold art, valuing in the high hundreds and donated all revenue to Gulu Uganda, to build schools, medical attention, scholarships, sporting supplies etc. His passion is to make a difference in this world with his talents, learn and inspire from others, including the least of expected acquaintances. Enjoy his work.

Chloe Robinson

I’m a freelance autodidact artist. My own life experience has influenced my artworks main symbolic theme of life and death, often including anatomy and flowers. I create resin fluid acrylic abstract paintings, neo-traditional tattoo like designs and fine liner illustrations with watercolour. In my art, I want to encourage a people to think about things from a different perspective and take the time to look and find their own meanings and imagery in the art. I want to use my art to help animals by changing thoughts and by donation, not only helping the world one little bit at a time, but helping myself serve a bigger purpose. I have chosen to look at my chronic illnesses as a blessing, now having the ability to pursue my art full time and use it to help others. Art and animals are not only a passion, but a lifestyle.

Damian Cazaly

Damian Cazaly is a Painter and Street Artist that grew up in Tasmania and currently lives in Fitzroy, producing large works that incorporate a variety of mediums including oils to Aerosol, and gaining constant inspiration from the Australian Wilderness. His paintings delve into a variety of themes, capturing the character of birds and animals as well as conveying the abstract metaphysical currents of life. He’s been a finalist in the Gallipoli Art Prize and Sheffield’s International Mural Festival, as well as just completely a residency at Qbank Gallery in Tasmania’s remote West Coast.

Erin Pearce

Year 8 was the last time I drew, painted or did anything really arty… a 21 year hiatus! I had forgotten how much I love creating! After picking up some pastels in November 2016 I haven’t really put them down. I have really taken off and have been part of exhibitions which is super exciting for me! You’ll find I am drawn to colour and animals and the portrayal of human expression in their faces. I get caught up drawing and painting, not realising that hours have passed and I haven’t moved from my desk until I stand up and my legs hurt! A happy place obviously! It was really a surprise for me to see my work being enjoyed by people, to then being commissioned and having actual customers! I hope you connect with some of my creatures and get as much enjoyment from their presence as I!

Gav Barbey

Gav Barbey’s artistic career has spanned 30 years, from his early apprenticeship as a commercial artist, to scenic artist and sculptural prop maker, to the study of theatre and film design at the National Institute of Dramatic Arts. As a professional Designer Barbey collaborated with such companies as Pina Bausch dance company, Sydney and Melbourne Theatre Co, and was a founding member of Richard Roxburgh’s award winning Co, ‘The Burning House’. He’s early interest in Puppetry, Dance and Image Based performance has taken him to International Festivals as not only a Designer but also as a Performer and Visual Artist. As a Film Maker, Writer and Director Barbey’s films have won awards, and programmed Internationally including ‘Sundance International Film Festival’. His community and environmental work has seen him work with Humane Society International on numerous projects utilizing his visual art and film making, with the Tanzanian NGO Killi Kids Eco Orphange working with orphaned children on healing through artistic expression. Gav has taught at The National Institute of Dramatic Arts, The New South Wales Gallery, Primary schools and corporate workshops. He has held numerous public live and interactive installations in both New York and Australia.

Georgia Steele

Georgia Steele is a Melbourne based artist born in 1995. Her work is often ephemeral and based around nature. Her work is executed through the use of layering whether that be combining different mediums or collage. With a background in Print making her work is process based. For Georgia it is all in the making of the work not just the end product, what goes into making it is what inspires her most. Georgia’s work is ever changing and evolving through the use of different mediums and expanding on her ideas. Many of her works combine both photographic elements as well as hand drawn. Georgia is currently studying at RMIT university majoring in Print Making practice.\

Gin Pineau

I produce digital video and photography content. While based in Touraine, France, I work with national and international clients. I love to collaborate closely with my clients to capture their story and to create films and still images that help connect them with their clients.

Hayley Lauren

Hayley’s art and designs come in a variety of styles and mediums. From watercolour to organic line work, to stencil cuts and detailed wildlife drawings. Her free flowing designs are a creative expression and insight into the way she sees the world. “For me, it’s about being free and having fun with art.”

Jane Wong

Why so serious?

Remember when sun showers perplexed us, rainbows sparked our imaginations, and we could make out animal shapes in the ever-changing clouds for hours? It’s time to smile, laugh and re-awaken our imagination! Plantie Is Bringing Nature Back! The seed of Plantie germinated over 8 years ago. Being a lover of plants and nature outside of work, a terrarium-making hobby soon turned into a passionate obsession. Having worked in various creative corporate sectors, Jayni (founder) had spent her previous years at work surrounded by technology. Dull desks and computers in concrete city buildings lacked plant-life and colour. She dreamed of bringing nature inside to office desks, apartments and homes that lacked life and garden space. Not just any plain old plant, but minimalistic, low maintenance, beautiful plant ecosystems with a twist of colour and imagination. Eventually Plantie was born – offering living plant worlds that would put smiles on people’s faces.

Jenny McCracken

Jenny McCracken has worked professionally as a visual artist since her fourth year of Fine Art studies at RMIT, 1988. She made her first piece of original street art in 1990. Since then she has also held several full time positions in scenic art and theatre set production companies, including 2006 to 2008 as the first Head Scenic for the ‘ Walking with Dinosaurs, The Live Experience’ arena show. Moving on from this allowed time to focus on her own artistic career Jenny developed her skills and personal career as a live performance street artist, knowing that the only way to gain recognition at home is to make a mark overseas. She is currently Australia’s most highly awarded Pavement artist, being the only Australian to hold a medal from ‘L’Incontro della Grazia” , the oldest and most renowned Pavement art competition in the world, and winner of the 2015 World Street Painting festival, Arnhem. She has worked nationally and internationally at festivals, events, competitions, commissions and on corporate promotions since 1991.

Khrys Wardant

Khrys is a vegan tattoo apprentice and art industry creative. Her art depicts anatomy, nature, and the themes of life and death. She works primarily with ink, but also with watercolour and acrylic. Since World Vegan Day last year, she has been working as a tattoo apprentice and has experienced unique challenges whilst being vegan in this context.

Leah Stephens

I studied fine art, currently work with primary age children and volunteer for a local wildlife rescue network. I also create artworks to donate to annual charity art auctions to raise money for animal welfare and advocacy and sustainability on our planet. The intention of my work is to question our moral principles by engaging the viewer through composition and the eyes and expression of vulnerable beings.

Marcos Garcia

I was born in Argentina in 1950 and migrated to Australia in 1989 with my wife and two daughters. On the passing of my dear wife I started to work as a volunteer at Edgar’s Mission. Looking into the eyes of the animals I found their soul and I also found mine! In doing so I became a vegan in 2011.  At the same time I discover the magic world of watercolour painting mainly landscapes and it was this year that I started to paint animals. Trying to channel both passions together to help in some way those beautiful creatures, I have made 4 successful personal exhibitions, rising funds for Edgar’s Mission and the Cheltenham Cat Rescue.


My name is Melissa Williams, and I am a full time freelance artist and graphic designer from beach side Carrum, with a love for detailed organic illustration and ornamentation. I have travelled the world for some time, becoming more and more inspired by the amount of beautiful art different countries have to offer. Textiles and tapestries play a big role in what I do, as well as music, mindfulness and the eternal supply of intricate features found in the botanical. My designs are all mixed media and use a combination of hand drawn and painted motifs, photography, collage, digital creation, and UV printing on cotton canvas and waterproof vinyl.

Mia Freeman

Inspired by a passion for animals and a love of native flora, Mia is a Melbourne based artist and illustrator whose work playfully brings our awareness back into the natural world. She works mainly with watercolours, pencil, pen and acrylic, and is always experimenting with new ways to connect with her environment. Her work is gentle and warm, using a calming palette and intricate detail. Mia finds great joy in capturing all she sees around her and finds her two pet snails Humphrey and Lauren to be the most dependable life models.

Renato Martins

Brazilian expat who moved to Australia years back on a journey to make it all happen. Hailing from Maresias, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Renato Martins passion for photography was sparked in the exuberant colours of his homeland, which has since then taken him around the world and led him to capture an amazing array of unique moments and exposing the diverse people and places of the planet. Telling countless stories without words.

Tammy Leigh

I have been vegan for about 3 and a half years, and went vegan for the animals. I tattoo in Melbourne and sometimes illustrate. I am very passionate about all animals and have spent a short time volunteering in Africa with big cats. Last year I was involved in a 24 hour tattoo challenge for 3 different charities organised by James Aspey, we raised over $20,000 which was amazing! A couple of years before that I had a Sea Shepherd flash day and donated all the $ to Sea Shepherd. It’s very hard to get time to go out and do activism,so I try and do activism through tattooing and art. Always for the animals 🙂


Artist, lamplighter and storyteller ~ Tams’ is working hard to return all of the wonderful stories she’s been given in some kind of magical way or another… After ending a mega dance career and moving back to Australia, Tams’ finds herself fumbling day-to-day remembering and creating new Soul Stories.

Soul Stories are insightful creations that capture the sensitive & vulnerable pieces of your soul. They are written and illustrated from the heart, allowing you to remember how every ingrained & forgotten moment can be turned into something beautiful to feel. Tams’ sincere hope is that out of the hundreds of stories she has written, perhaps one will reach into your heart and give it a gentle squeeze – that just one will remind you how to feel, and open you up to some of the yummy stuff in life that is so easily forgotten.

Tony Stephens

From creating large scale murals and festival art in Australia to painting in the Peruvian jungle with visionary artists to creating a different kind of art in the galley of the Sea Sheperd’s Steve Irwin, this visionary activist lives and breathes art in all forms. Tony has spent his life creating art for social change with the hope of making a difference in how we view and treat others, animals and the earth. Tony lives with his wife and two cats near the majestic mountain Wollumbin in Northern NSW.


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