The art show supports and promotes local artists that display themes of compassion, sustainability, cultural diversity and a healthy lifestyle.  World Vegan Day looks to celebrate work from indigenous Australians and cultures from around the world, providing  students with an opportunity to display their work in front of thousands of people.


WVD is very proud to display work from the following Artists.

Hartmut Kiewert

Hartmut Kiewert was born on the 24th of July 1980 in the city of Koblenz/Germany. In 2003 he took up his studies of fine art at Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design at Halle (Saale)/Germany. He received his diploma with honors in 2010. Since 2008 his artworks are focused on a critical reflection of the human-animal-relationship. In the last few years Hartmut’s work was shown in several solo and group exhibitions around Germany, for instance in Hamburg, Berlin, Dortmund and Leipzig. In 2012, Compassion Media published his book »mensch_tier« (»human_animal«), featuring his art – and theoretical work (for now only available in German language). He lives and works in Leipzig/Germany


The seed of Plantie germinated over 8 years ago. Jayni (founder) had spent many years surrounded by dull desks and computers. She dreamed of bringing nature inside to office desks, apartments and reception areas that lacked life and garden space. Not just any plain old plant, but beautiful plant ecosystems with a twist of colour and imagination. Eventually Plantie was born – offering vibrant living plant worlds that would put smiles on people’s faces for those who stopped to peer inside them. Jayni’s designs are now custom-made living pieces of art that’s created just for you, someone special or branded to the business to uplift spaces that need a kick of life. Now is the time to bring pockets of nature back into the very spaces we spend most our time in.

#plantiemelb | @plantiemelb

Jen Meyer

Jen has been creating art for the enjoyment of herself and others since she was a child—some of her earliest work can still be seen on the undersides of her yia yia’s (Greek for grandmother) kitchen table. Over the past ten years, her work has been exhibited across the US from Miami to San Francisco, and sold to private collectors all around the world. Her current interests include a love for exploring new places, the interconnectedness of things and people, the beauty of nature, the emotional aspects of color, and our relationship with animals.

Adele Marshall

Adele Marshall has been painting her whole life, predominantly in watercolours. She currently focuses on painting animals in acrylics. The artist is a Flight Attendant who is also a certified dog trainer. After teaching puppy classes for eight years she became frustrated at seeing an increase of puppy farmed pups attending her classes. As a result of this she has been volunteering through Oscar’s Law as a speaker in schools and clubs to educate the public. This brought about an awareness of related animal welfare issues and consequently the artist became vegan three years ago. This is her first vegan themed artwork.

Alex Edward Zilla

Alex Edward Zilla was born and raised overseas in a British School, where he saw the world from a different perspective. He finished high school in Sydney and now lives in Melbourne as a full time Artist and Student. With no formal education in the arts, Alex is a natural born artist and is influenced by the world around him, especially the small details that fuel his imagination. He grew up, creating works we can barely imagine, but displays them perfectly on canvas for us to envision. He has passion to make a difference in this world with his organic following he has grown of over 5000. He has sold art, valuing in the high hundreds and donated all revenue to Gulu Uganda, to build schools, medical attention, scholarships, sporting supplies etc. His passion is to make a difference in this world with his talents, learn and inspire from others, including the least of expected acquaintances. Enjoy his work.

Caitie Ross & Charlie Bowers

Caitie Ross & Charlie Bowers: Heavily influenced by our environment using colour combination and textures gained through experimentation and experience to capture moods.

Raquel Guerrera

My name is Raquel Guerrera. I am from the south east of Melbourne. I am passionate about being compassionate and have been vegan for almost 3 years. The forms of art I produce are poetry and drawings. I have run a kids art class in the past and am soon to commence a Diploma in Art Therapy, which will combine both of my loves! I work with mainly pencil and charcoal and I like to produce simple images that convey a lot of emotion, with themes of equality, social justice issues, nature and reflections of the world and my own growth. Art is a form of expression for me and If I can inspire people and make them feel something then I feel as though I have succeeded.


Soul Stories

Artist, lamplighter and storyteller ~ Tams’ is working hard to return all of the wonderful stories she’s been given in some kind of magical way or another… After ending a mega dance career and moving back to Australia, Tams’ finds herself fumbling day-to-day remembering and creating new Soul Stories. She travels between Melbourne and her hometown Heyfield, connecting with the local community and sharing her artwork along the way. She’s just a little bit obsessed with spoiling her beloved kitties ‘Dantechicken & Etienne’, riding her bike, following her heart and eating at least 14 bananas a day. Wherever she wanders she continues to be inspired by beautiful souls and their incredible stories…

Fiona Skipper

“Fiona is a tattooist and self-taught artist from Dunedin, New Zealand.
Her aim with her artwork is to conjure up bittersweet feelings relating to unconventional relationships between humans and non-human animals and nature. She likes to explore personal interpretations of psychological archetypes of the Anima/Animus and the inner child, mixing familiar and sweet images with stranger, more fearful and discomforting ones, and tie it all back to the main theme of humans, in our heads and hearts being a part of the natural world rather than apart from, or above it.
Mediums are traditional – pen, ink, pencil, watercolour, oil and acrylic paint, and also some digital (wacom tablet) painting.”


My name is Karen Forrest but you will find me under the artist name Asenty_art. I am an enthusiastic, energetic and creative visual artist from New Zealand. Just over 7 years ago, having only the wise words of a dear friend to go off I moved to Melbourne. I took the leap and made the epic journey, moving from the cold depths of the Land of the Long White Cloud to start a bright new life in the warm sunny skies of Melbourne. Once I arrive, I knew Melbourne was the place I needed to be to really start my creative journey. I am extremely passionate about drawing, illustration, sculpture, working with acrylic and oil paints as well as creating sculptures.  I am inspired by Illustrations, colours and tattoo and the thing I really love about a piece of work is that it can take you to another world full of magic and wonder without leaving the space you are in.  I am currently studying The Batchlor of Fine Arts RMIT and I also hold a diploma in Communications and Design. Art is my absolute passion and I want to share my art with the world. Feel free to follow me on: Insta @asenty_art

Mia Freeman

Inspired by a passion for animals and a love of native flora, Mia is a Melbourne based, Vegan Artist, Animator and illustrator whose work playfully brings our awareness back into the natural world. She works mainly with watercolours, pencil, pen and acrylic, and is always experimenting with new ways to connect with her environment. Her work is gentle and warm, using a calming palette and intricate detail. Mia finds great joy in capturing all she sees around her and finds her two pet snails Humphrey and Lauren to be the most dependable life models.


Pedro Allemant

My passion for animals and background as a punk rock musician and AR activist, both in Peru and Spain and now Australia, has inspired me to explore the connection between art, music and activism. I became a vegan in 2003 and started writing and recording animal rights songs to play as music collective as Futuro Vega*Pop. My drawings are an encounter with my childhood reflections of the past and my activism in the present. I am trying to build a better world for animals, to raise awareness of the reality through my music, artworks, animation and designs. I trust and feel my work is a seed of hope for animals. A hope for a better future”

Bianca Mollini

Bianca is a freelance artist living and working in Melbourne. She became vegan in 2012, and is so pleased to have this chance to display her work at World Vegan Day! She plans to make more vegan-themed pieces, and continue sharing her love for animals and nature through the creative arts.

Tayla Johnson

I’ve always had a passion for art and animals, and over my past two years of veganism have merged my passions together. I’m starting a bachelor of fine arts next year in Melbourne to continue my love of art, and I believe being based in Melbourne will allow me more opportunities for vegan and activism events- which is really important to me. The animals born into these industries have a vital story to tell, but their voices are silenced. Through my art, I am passionate to be their voice and I hope to create artwork that enlightens audiences to see these animals for the beautiful, brave individuals that they are.

Sarah Davenport

Sarah Davenport is a 25 year old Melbourne based artist. Sarah is a passionate animal advocate and often uses art to express her love of animals.

Cel out

“cel out is a Melbourne street artist who incorporates a range of social, environmental and animal rights issues including veganism.
This is the first time any of his work has appeared at World Vegan Day, and it’s normally found scattered around many of Melbourne’s laneways.

Kat Banakh

Kat Banakh is a Melbourne based artist currently lost in drawings and paintings of outer space coupled with surrealist imaginings. The work arises from feelings and hunches, symbols and images that tend to reveal their message as the work is completed; often meditations on the inner self, our inter-connectivity and the mystery that floats around in the shadow parts of us.

The religious-icon animal paintings are a musing on the cultural stories we are told and the potentiality they have to guide and misguide our understanding of our relationship to other conscious beings, and in particular the value and power they attribute to specific groups through subtext. The paintings aim to be light-hearted, inquisitive forays in reframing the role of animals in one major western religion as a means to ask a question that can be applied intersectionally to other oppressed groups; would it change things if the stories we told were different?

The breadcrumbs she leaves can be followed @thiscuriousplace on instagram


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