World Vegan Day food demonstrations are a great way for people to learn how to prepare healthy, kinder food options without animals or animal products, which are high in necessary vitamins, minerals, and of course protein, for optimal health. The demonstrations will show everyone how to prepare vegan meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Including everything from health and raw foods to vegan comfort food and desserts.

It covers foods for athletes to busy workers, simple family meals to gourmet dishes. The food styles prove that vegans eat more than just grass with delicious food from all over the world. Encompassing the cultural diversity of Australia, influences include South American, Italian, Indian, Asian, and African cuisines.

Many of the dishes are prepared so creatively with simple ingredients, that many wonder how some traditional meat and dairy based dishes can be made into vegan delights.

Vegan Cook Off tickets are now on sale! Vegan Cook Off will be held in the Food Demo area at World Vegan Day Melbourne, and will showcase two teams from Matcha Mylkbar and Handsome Her fighting it out, one inventive and nutritious vegan canape at a time, for your votes. Come, relax and be entertained in our pop-up restaurant. Expect modern fresh food, presented perfectly and most importantly, vegan and full of flavour. Only one team can win, and guess what? You are the judge! There are limited tickets to be sold, so be quick because this event will sell out!

Tickets available here:

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The Cake Collective

Bec created a 100% dedicated vegan cakeshop, cafe and deli in 2016 We sell create and make bespoke cakes & cupcakes, for special occasions or… just because, we have a cafe menu selling all your favourite burgers, treats and brunch items and we also create our own small goods and deli items to help you in your vegan baking/food journey. We started this small space as we just couldn’t keep our love of vegan goodies inside anymore! Veganism is a huge part of our lives and we wanted to share our knowledge and treats with the world. if you can live a “normal” life and not miss out on anything why would you ever eat meat or participate in anything that harmed or took from animals!?

Chef Na

Chef Na’s story began in Thailand, 2003, when she was awarded a scholarship from the Thai government, entitled “Thai Food for the World”. She started creating Thai sauces in Thailand and was featured in a prominent business newspaper, however, chef Na was invited to Melbourne to create Thai vegan menus for vegan restaurants and gladly accepted. Arriving in Melbourne during 2011, chef Na quickly fell in-love with Melbourne and our vegan food-scene.

Many years went into the design and re-design of the products, for they had to match our philosophy and ethics; we oppose animal cruelty in all forms, we live strict vegan lifestyles and have avoided animal-based products for a minimum of 7 years, and we believe that our purchases cast deterministic votes that consequentially shape future choices and future options.

Delightful Vegans

We’re Josh and Katie – the Delightful Vegans and we love to create delicious vegan food. Our recipes range from being super easy to others that may take a bit more time. Exploring the world in our travels gives us new insights into our creativity in food – so some our recipes are a fusion of different flavours and styles from around the globe. We also love sharing stories of our travel adventures on our blog. We both have our own areas of expertise when it comes to Delightful Vegans. Josh brings his creativity to our project with a camera and his computer skills, while Katie dreams up, creates and styles marvellous food to share with the world!

Handsome Her

Handsome Her is an unapologetic, all vegan cafe where women reign supreme. The Brunswick cafe is built upon the four pillars of Environmental Sustainability, Social Justice, Feminism and Community Development. Handsome Her has made headlines in its short lifespan. Firstly, for rejecting the use of any form of disposable coffee cups and instead turning to the community for donations to create the now famous, Emergency Mug Wall – a wall of donated mugs which customers can take away for free if they need to grab their drink on the go.

The second wave of media attention came in the form of a voluntary 18% surcharge for men to reflect the gender wage gap, with all proceeds going to a women’s charity. Owner Alex O’Brien is a vegan of five years and whilst veganism largely underpins the ethos of Handsome Her, it is also not the front and centre selling point of the cafe. Handsome Her challenges its customers to think about their choices and behaviours, from their take away trash to their use of animal products.

Matcha Mylkbar

Internationally acclaimed and mutli-award winning restaurant Matcha Mylkbar has blown up the plant based dining scene in Melbourne and around Australia. With world first inventions like the trade marked completely vegan poached and fried eggs, that have the same protein and amino acid benefit as a traditional eggs, Matcha Mylkbar has pioneered a plant based movement. In a recent NY Times article Matcha Mylkbar was mentioned by Chris Hemsworth “a meal at Matcha Mylkbar is a must. The restaurant serves only plant-based food and has one of the most inventive menus I have ever seen. I am not a vegan, but if I were, this is where I would go to eat”

As seen on Mashable | Buzzfeed | Refinery29 | Fox News | Cosmopolitan | Grazia | Vogue | Internationally acclaimed | Most Followers of any cafe/restaurant in Melbourne| Most Recent Accolade – People’s Choice Best New Cafe 2016 | Most Anticipated Restaurant Opening 2017 | “Where celebrities hang out in Melbourne”

Soulful Vegan Food

Soulful Vegan Food was created in 2017 and launched in August with the first market being in Mornington at the Wednesday market. I, Emma Moignard qualified as a chef at 19 and embarked on my new adventure that would be as I thought a small stall at the Wednesday market, serving food to persuade ‘meat-eaters’ that plant food is delicious and makes you feel good.

Quickly I realised that the niche was there and people wanted this more than anything so I started prepping 38 hours of fresh bread, bean meat patties, sloppy joes and homemade mayo. SVF is all about homemade products with that umami sensation. I have been a vegetarian since I was 7 and vegan for 3 years and know that my persuasive lectures don’t get me far so feeding people food that hit every sense was just so clear to me. I know that humans want to be compassionate and that it’s hard to see past lettuce and tofu, but I hope that the food I make can show you don’t miss any non vegan item at all.

The Alley

Vegan Fast Food Concept cafe, The Alley, has attracted healthy eaters from across Melbourne tempted by its meat free menu featuring wholesome plant based food. The 35 seat cafe opened in March and is proving to be a green retreat for urban dwellers in the business district as well as those living in the inner city wanting healthy comfort food.

The Alley serves signature house made burgers, such as the Maple Bacon Burger with smokey paprika aioli, gluten-free pastas such as their mac’n’cheese with coconut bacon and crispy kale, along with seasonal salad favorites like the Mexican Taco bowl with black bean chorizo. Vegan restaurants traditionally cater to the alternative types, but owner Alexandra Pyke, the brainchild behind The Alley, aims to bridge the gap between die-hard vegans and everyday consumers who want to be more conscious with their food choices whilst not sacrificing their much loved comfort foods. The Alley’s menu as well as structural environment supports both health and sustainability appealing to the wider community.


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