World Vegan Day food demonstrations are a great way for people to learn how to prepare healthy, kinder food options without animals or animal products, which are high in necessary vitamins, minerals, and of course protein, for optimal health.
The demonstrations will show everyone how to prepare vegan meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Including everything from health and raw foods to vegan comfort food and desserts.
It covers foods for athletes to busy workers, simple family meals to gourmet dishes. The food styles prove that vegans eat more than just grass with delicious food from all over the world. Encompassing the cultural diversity of Australia, influences include South American, Italian, Indian, Asian, and African cuisines.
Many of the dishes are prepared so creatively with simple ingredients, that many wonder how some traditional meat and dairy based dishes can be made into vegan delights.




We are very pleased to welcome the following Presenters:

Zacchary Bird

Vegan Foodie, Vegan KFC Creator | Nicecreamery

Zac has been vegetarian for more than a decade and vegan for the last two and a half years, and it was the shift to veganism that started him on his experimental food journey. A passionate home cook, he started experimenting with food and has since been published in GRAM magazine, Care2, She Knows, Yummly, Veggie Style (amongst others) and has even seen his recipes translated into other languages. Earlier this year, his recipe for CFC (cruelty free chicken) drumsticks – a KFC mock recipe – took the internet by storm causing discussion and controversy amongst both the vegan and non-vegan communities, putting him in the spotlight. He specialises in ‘junk food vegan’ recipes, creating cruelty free versions of the sort of gluttonous, deep fried treats that the general public assume could never be made vegan. On your average day, you’ll find Zac in his kitchen with a glass of wine, blasting a golden oldies playlist and trying his best to not eat everything he’s cooked before he’s able to photograph it for social media.

Dinesh Mathew

Actor, Cook & Marketing Manager | Mantra Lounge

Dinesh Mathew has been a vegetarian for 20 years, and vegan 6 years. Of Sri Lankan decent, he has found it easy to veganise Sri Lankan & Indian cooking. He has had a regular cooking demonstration at many events including Mind, Body, Spirit Festival. He won the cake category at the annual Victorian Vegan Bake Off in 2014 with his Hummingbird Cake, and came second in the savoury category for his quiche in 2015. He has also catered many functions. He currently works as the marketing manager for Mantra Lounge. Dinesh is working on bringing his cooking demonstrations to the world through a regular online cooking show.

Facebook: Vegan Cooking Classes

Rhiannon Howell

YouTuber | Vegan and Killing It

Rhiannon Howell is the face of Vegan and Killing it – a vegan YouTube channel that offers up beautiful, tasty and creative vegan treats to impress your friends with! Having won multiple competitions as a child, Rhi’s passion for cooking and baking was obvious early on, but after adopting a vegan lifestyle 7 years ago, she began to adapt her repertoire. She set out on a mission to re-create and improve upon old fashioned cake and pastry recipes and bring them to the world through her work as a professional vegan baker and decorator, her popular blog ‘Vegan In Melbourne”  and now via her rapidly growing YouTube channel.

Jolanta Baldasso

Thermomix Consultant |Thermomix

The most advanced kitchen appliance around, Thermomix unites the functions of 12 appliances in one compact unit. Visit our website to see how Thermomix can add a new dimension to your kitchen. The Thermomix enables tasty, healthy vegan food preparation in your house with ease and with great cost savings. Make your own dairy free nut butters, milk, yoghurt, cashew cream, soups, main meals, desserts, chocolates and more…..

Sophie Wright – Vic West Area Manager for Thermomix, and Jolanta Baldasso – Thermomix Consultant and Raw Food Coach, will be demonstrating on stage how to make a variety of delicious vegan dishes. Jolanta, whose mentors include David Wolfe and Tyler Tolman, is passionate about the health and energy that comes from following a vegan lifestyle, and the ease and speed of preparing these foods in the Thermomix. Watch our Thermomix presentation on the food stage at 2.30pm, visit our stand (No 28) to view demonstrations and to see just how much the Thermomix can assist you.

Dr Heleen Roex-Haitjema

MD Paediatrician (non practising), Instructor | Food For Life

Dr Heleen Roex-Haitjema, paediatrician, migrated to Australia with her husband and three children in 2000. She received her medical training in paediatrics at the Free University in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Since 2010, she has been researching the medical and nutrition literature on the relation between nutrition and our health and became fascinated by the abundance of well executed studies that all indicate that a healthy plant-based diet is not only preventative for many chronic diseases, but can also play a curative role in stopping and sometimes even reversing disease.

Heleen has earned her Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition through the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies and Cornell University New York and became in Australia the first Certified Instructor through The Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine’s “Food for Life” program in Washington DC and is now running 5-week courses in Adelaide.

Together with her husband Dr Alphonse Roex, PhD, Obstetrician – Gynaecologist, they present on Health and Nutrition backed by sound research; up till now, on 17 occasions, in Australia and the Netherlands, including Grand Rounds in hospitals and for medical students, with the largest audience reaching 400 people.

Evelyn Angelopoulus

Food Blogger | Nourish Not Punish

Evelyn is a vegan food blogger who is passionate about educating others on how to live a cruelty-free lifestyle as well as the importance of self-love. She has also written an ebook, in which all recipes are vegan, gluten free and fructose friendly. She strives to prove that being vegan is not hard, even with a lot of tolerances!

Instagram: @nourishnotpunish

Grace Thornell

Social Media Foodie | The Happy Clean Vegan

Grace is 23 years old and a passionate vegan from south east Melbourne. Her Instagram page @thehappycleanvegan is all about showing people how easy and delicious it is to be vegan as well as the importance of self-love. Grace works at the vegan café, Wild Yam, located in Mordialloc and is also a certified holistic health coach. Grace loves eating big bowls of banana “nice cream”, animals and cooking vegan food for people.

Ashley Costa

Instagram Vegan Foodie, Event Producer | A Team Events

Ashley Costa graduated last year with a Diploma of Event Management in College of Event Management. She’s a great foodie, lover of animals, party animal and vegan. Not may know that Ashley is celebrating her first year as a vegan this year. She was inspired from volunteering with World Vegan Day Melbourne last year, and is now here to inspire and educate people about veganism as well as sharing her vegan journey story.

Anthea Amore

Catering, Cookbook Author | Organic Passions Catering

My passion for veganism has grown over the last 26 years! I love the freedom from suffering that veganism gives me. I feel at peace with my food choices, living an animal free, organic, plant based diet! With my husband Caspar, we run a vegan catering company who specialise in retreats, weddings and functions. We love sharing our passion with people and inspiring them to eat a healthier, more plant based diet. Breaking down the myths that a vegan diet is about going without or is boring, the truth is far from it!  I’ve been cooking vegan food professionally for 19 years! Working in various cafes, restaurants and catering in England, France and Australia. My first book PASSION, organic vegan recipes to live for is in its second print run and my new book HUNGRY, for crazy good vegan food will be out in early 2017. Check out my 2017 Healthy Life recipe calendar on sale now!

Malia Donovan

Social Media Manager, Instagram Foodie/Chef | An Avocado adventure

My name is Malia, I became vegan five years ago, after living as a vegetarian for six before that. When the prospect of travelling overseas as a vegan seemed overwhelming I was almost deterred from actually going, until I looked into it and discovered other vegans travelling and documenting their experiences. It inspired me; I decided to travel, which lead to the creation of An Avocado Adventure a platform for me to share my experiences on. I like to experiment with new ingredients and recipes in the kitchen as well as making meals that are easy to prepare for those busy nights. It is a really exciting time to be vegan, there are so many new recipes and creations coming out, showing us that any meal and anything thing we like to eat, can be made vegan.

Instagram – @anavocadoadventure_vegan


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