The ‘Evolved Generation and Raw Events Australia co-hosted FITNESS ZONE’ aims to encourage the growth of plant-fuelled fitness and healthy lifestyles through education, inspiration, collaboration and demonstration! This is an area for anyone curious to discover how a compassionate, well-designed plant-based diet can kick-start and enhance an active lifestyle.

Pre-book into some of the 10+ scheduled activities (from the likes of yoga, pilates and dance, to a blender-bike powered spin class, or even speed date a plant-based personal trainer!) All the Fitness Zone sessions are led by qualified and experienced instructors and presenters who are passionate about sharing the friendly vegan vibes!

There will be plenty of ‘no bookings required’ showcases throughout the day (such as Q&A panels with medical and nutrition experts, to CrossFit, powerlifting, calisthenics and martial arts demos). Everyone is welcome to enjoy the feats of strength, agility, endurance, education and fun from the frontline, or the sidelines!

As a collective of vegan athletes, personal trainers, health and fitness advocates, creatives, chefs, nutritionists and events entrepreneurs, the team at Evolved Generation and Raw Events Australia are passionate about creating community to increase the awareness and uptake of consciously cruelty-free lifestyle choices. Driven to spread the plant-positive message for enhanced athletic performance, optimum health and a greener planet, to us, activism is being the best version of yourself!




Terri Freeman

Evolved Generation Ambassador
Personal Trainer / Fitness Zone Co-ordinator 2016

Terri is a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, spin instructor and is constantly updating her qualifications. Health and fitness are her passions. Following 15 years in the fitness industry (including as a figure competitor), 2 years ago Terri made the conscious choice to change her diet and lifestyle to become a vegan strength athlete. Terri’s goal is to help others become healthier, fitter and leaner through a whole-foods plant-based approach to life. This year, Terri is the Evolved Generation + Raw Events Fitness Zone Co-ordinator and aims to encourage the growth of plant-fuelled fitness and healthy lifestyles through education, inspiration, collaboration and demonstration!

Lucy Stegley – Raw Events

Lucy Stegley (aka SmoothieGirl) has been sharing her passion for highlighting healthy lifestyles since founding the event hosting and promotions service Raw Events in 2010. Lucy also set-up and ran the world’s first 100% vegan, organic, social-enterprise university-based café Realfoods from 2010-2014 at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT). Lucy takes great satisfaction in bringing people together in an environment where life changing (and often lifesaving) knowledge can be shared. Seeing people make the connection with vital information on natural health drives Raw Events to continue sourcing inspirational speakers, and creating unique and memorable event experiences.  Lucy curates and facilitates cooking, nutrition, fitness and film presentations that showcase the world’s best and brightest wholistic health and fitness entrepreneurs, experts and educators. Many of these events are run in collaboration with the worldwide network of plant-based athletes and nutritionists from team Evolved Generation.

Luke Tan

Founder of Evolved Generation and The AWAKE Method, strength coach, author

Through a plant-based diet, customised training and coaching seminars, Luke’s aim is to help conscious professionals and athletes become the strongest version of themselves, all while making a difference. With proven success coaching a range of clients from stay at home mums to internationally acclaimed athletes, Luke has found that the intersection between sustainable fat loss, long-term health, enhanced athletic performance and environmental sustainability, lies in a plant-based perspective. Luke is based in Singapore, and loves working with individuals (in person and online) who are looking for an alternative and wholistic approach to physical excellence, whilst adopting an ‘athlete’s mindset’ to achieving personal success. He strives to leave clients feeling awake to the strongest and most nourished version of themselves, then being the change they wish to see in the world.

Emilie Tan

Founder of Evolved Generation and The AWAKE Method
Raw food chef, ultra-endurance athlete

Emilie is a certified raw food chef and vegan ultra-endurance athlete. Having been awarded internationally as a sports person, Emilie (and her husband Luke) specialise in helping conscious professionals get healthier, fitter and leaner through a plant-based diet, online programs and coaching workshops. As well as bringing out her best in fitness, Emilie also credits her switch to a plant-based lifestyle for her healing from a long struggle with eating disorders. Through her own experience, knowledge and as a newly qualified raw chef, Emilie wants to inspire and empower others to gain self-confidence and reconnect with their heart to find their true purpose.

Jeremy Evans

Personal Trainer, Professional Dancer

Jeremy has been an accomplished professional Irish dancer for more than 18 years and still dances to this day. A proud member of the Evolved Generation team since April 2015, Jeremy runs a successful personal training business, Make The Leap Fitness Coaching in the Melbourne CBD focusing on plant-based nutrition and coaching. Bringing his passion for an ethical and conscious life, along with his experience as a coach, Jeremy also manages the state of Victoria for PranaOn. An ethical vegetarian for 11 years and vegan for almost 2 years, Jeremy is passionate about sustainability, the environment and animal rights and aims to encourage others through his own training to embrace lifestyle changes that will lead to a positive future for themselves and the world.


Simone Collins

Evolved Generation / Figure Competitor / Fitness Zone & Speakers’ Stage

Simone is a full-time graphic designer for Doherty’s Gym and the Arnold Classic Australia. Simone’s health and fitness journey began in 2010.  In an attempt to regain health and fitness, and recover from anxiety, stress, depression and being underweight, she started gym training. She became interested in bodybuilding and it wasn’t long before she started attending and volunteering at the shows. Inspired by the dedication and hard work from all the athletes she watched, Simone made the commitment to train for and compete in 2013. From there she was hooked, and has competed in 6 shows since, including first place at the 2014 Victorian State Championships, and second place at the Naturally Fit Games, USA. As well as being her passion, Simone sees her training and competing as a form of activism – she hopes to change the way people view veganism, to dispel the myths that vegans are weak and inferior, and that meat and animal-derived supplements are necessary to build muscle, increase strength, and achieve optimal health and fitness. Simone is currently preparing to compete again in Figure Open at the 2017 Naturally Fit Games in Austin, Texas, as a member of team PlantBuilt, and Evolved Generation. She also loves CrossFit, powerlifting, cycling and obstacle races!

Crissi Carvalho

Evolved Generation Ambassador

Crissi Carvalho is a vegan fitness and bikini model competitor, and online health and fitness coach at She designs her own fitness and bikini wear range at Vegan Fitness Body and also runs a pre-packaged vegan food business called Vegan Fitness Foods on the Gold Coast in Queensland. This year, Crissi launched a very popular recipe ebook, with a percentage of each sale going towards the ocean outreach not-for-profit organisation Sea Shepherd.


Renae Thomas

Evolved Generation Ambassador
1-1:45pm ‘The Vegan Advantage’ (Q&A Health and Fitness Medical Panel)

Within two weeks (from the date of World Vegan Day 2016), Renae will officially graduate as a medical doctor! Renae also has a university degree in Exercise Physiology and Nutrition, and a background in journalism. In addition, she is a qualified personal trainer and eating disorder therapist.

Renae volunteers her time as a Medical Moderator for, Dr Greger’s website where every paper published on nutrition is reviewed and presented in daily videos and articles. She has applied to start a residency in preventative medicine in the town of Loma Linda, California (where over 50% of the town recognises themselves as vegan or vegetarian and is home to the famous Adventist health studies where lifestyle factors have been correlated to health and longevity).

Earlier this year, Renae completed a six week internship at True North health centre, California, under Dr Klaper and Dr Goldhammer, learning about Sugar-Oil-Salt (SOS) free Whole Food Plant Based (WFPB) diets and medically-supervised water fasting in prevention and treatment of disease. She attends the annual Plant Based Nutrition and Healthcare Conference in the USA, and as many other conferences and certifications (such as Dr John Mcdougall’s Starch Solution and Dietary Therapy training).

As a teenager, Renae was a champion gymnast and has continued to be devoted to her fitness, interning at Flex and Muscle and Fitness magazines, running marathons, and competing in bodybuilding

2012- IFBB Victorian Championships, Figure Novice- 2nd place
2013- NPC West coast championships, California, Bikini Open- 6th place
2014- IFBB Amanda Doherty All Female Classic, Bikini Novice- 2nd place
2014- IFBB Victorian Championships Bikini Open- 1st place
2015- IFBB Melbourne Championships- Bikini Open- 1st place
2015- IFBB Arnold Classic- Pro Qualifier Bikini Open

Shani Vetter

Evolved Generation, personal trainer

After living in Zimbabwe for most of her life, Shani moved to Australia in 2001. She fell in love with the health and fitness industry and eventually jumped into the world of personal training, starting Smiling Assassin fitness, a resistance-based group training class on the Mornington Peninsula.

Shani become a vegan early in 2013 after 5 years as a vegetarian due to making the connection between the food we eat and the welfare of animals. Shani believes that a balanced whole food plant-based diet is not only optimum for our health, but the welfare of the earth and all of its inhabitants. Shani’s fitness experience includes: Certificate III & IV in Personal Training; Owner of Smiling Assassin Fitness; 2nd Place – 2015 Naturally Fit Games in Austin Texas (Bikini, Novice class); INBA Fitness Model Competitor 2014; Two Bays 28k Trail Runner; Melbourne ½ Marathon Runner; “Fitness for a Mission” Founder/Trainer.

Barney Mercer

Evolved Generation Ambassador, Crossfit coach

Barney is originally from England, but is now based on the Mornington Peninsula. He is a qualified Personal Trainer, Olympic Lifting Coach, CrossFit L1 and CrossFit Kids coach. He deals mostly in functional group/one-on-one training. Barney strives to be the best he can be every day, not only for his own health but for his family, friends and clients. Barney is passionate about the need for people to to address the health issues associated with diet, food and most of all animal products. He believes we need to appeal to the public’s selfish side, to their survival instincts. By proving that the healthiest way to live is through a plant-based diet and exercise people will start to listen, people will start to change.

Dr Anthony Hadj

Fitness Zone Special Guest Presenter
1-1:45pm ‘The Vegan Advantage’ (Q&A Health and Fitness Medical Panel)

Dr Anthony Hadj is a Vegan General Practitioner from Melbourne, Australia and the creator of the Living Longer Today health plan. Anthony completed his medical training at Monash University in 2006, undertaking a rotation to Harvard Medical School, Boston in his final year to study heart surgery. Anthony commenced training at The Austin Hospital in 2007 before deciding to focus on community based medicine as a GP.  Since 2012, he has increasingly researched and integrated Whole-Foods Plant-Based medicine into his own life and now actively promotes the benefits of this diet to his patients on a daily basis. Inspired by doctors such as John McDougall, Neal Barnard and the late Nathan Pritikin, Anthony’s hope is that everyone can learn to reap the benefits from delicious abundant wholesome foods and reduce the risk of chronic disease. Anthony is a member of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, Doctors for the Environment and sits on the board of Eastern Victoria General Practice Network. In addition to his work as a doctor, he lectures on plant-based health to medical students at Monash University and is a regular volunteer with Edgars’ Mission animal sanctuary in Lancefiled, Victoria.

Dr Despina Handolias

Fitness Zone Special Guest Presenter
1-1:45pm ‘The Vegan Advantage’ (Q&A Health and Fitness Medical Panel)

Despina is Monash Medical graduate and Fellow of the Royal Australian College of Physicians. She has been a practicing medical oncologist since 2010, both in the private and public sector. In 2012, Despina completed her research higher degree (MD) in the molecular pathogenesis of ovarian cancer and melanoma via the University of Melbourne and Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre. Despina’s interest in the interaction between diet and chronic disease commenced after adopting a vegan lifestyle due to an acute awareness of the treatment of animals in the food sector. She is an animal advocate, traveller and vegan food and cruelty free fashion enthusiast. Despina resides in Melbourne with her husband and two cat ‘kids’.

Dr Alphonse Roex, MD, PhD

Fitness Zone & Speakers’ Stage special guest presenter
1-1:45pm ‘The Vegan Advantage’ (Q&A Health and Fitness Medical Panel)

Dr Alphonse Roex completed his medical obstetrics and gynaecology training at the Free University in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He now works as a senior consultant at the Lyell McEwin Hospital in Adelaide and as a senior lecturer at the University of Adelaide. Alphonse has lived in Australia since 2000, together with his wife Heleen and three children. Based on the scientific validity and convincing extensive research they came across on the benefits of a healthy, whole food, plant-based diet in the prevention (and even reversal) of many common ‘lifestyle diseases’, he and Heleen made the switch to this diet for themselves.

Becoming frustrated with the vast amount of confusion in the general public and the healthcare community around the topic of nutrition and health, Alphonse and Heleen decided to share their knowledge by conducting educational presentations. These are held for the community, as well as in hospital ‘Grand Rounds’ for medical doctors and medical students. As independent doctors, they promote a scientifically substantiated approach to a healthy lifestyle. Regardless of one’s background, Alphonse and Heleen are happy to share this profound and often-overlooked information to anyone who is interested. With great fulfilment, they have noticed that an increasing number of people are beginning to understand how they can optimise their own health by simply switching to eating a whole foods, plant-based diet.



Dr Heleen Roex-Haitjema, MD Paediatrician

Fitness Zone, Speakers’ Stage & Cooking Stage special guest presenter
1-1:45pm ‘The Vegan Advantage’ (Q&A Health and Fitness Medical Panel)

Dr Heleen Roex-Haitjema, paediatrician, migrated to Australia with her husband Alphonse and three children in 2000. She received her medical training in paediatrics at the Free University in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Since 2010, she has been researching the medical and nutrition literature on the relationship between diet and our health. Heleen became fascinated by the abundance of well executed studies all indicating a whole foods plant-based diet as being not only preventative for many chronic diseases, but also often playing a curative role in halting and even reversing disease. Heleen has earned her Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition through the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies and Cornell University New York and became Australia’s first CertifiedFood for Life’ Instructor through The Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine’s program in Washington DC. She runs 5-week ‘Food For Life’ courses for the community in Adelaide. Together with her husband Dr Alphonse Roex (PhD, Obstetrician – Gynaecologist), they present on health and nutrition topics, always backed by sound research. To date, they have conducted 17 presentations in Australia and the

Netherlands, including Grand Rounds in hospitals and for medical students, with the largest audience reaching 400 people. Heleen and Alphonse regularly attend international plant-based nutrition and healthcare conferences to stay informed and inspired by the medical professionals at the forefront of the movement to recognise the vital role nutrition plays in health outcomes.


David ‘DC’ Cordtz

Evolved Generation Ambassador

David was born in raised in South Auckland, Otara (New Zealand). His passions are bodyweight training, freedom of movement, flexibility and functional training. His background and skills are: Gymnastics, Breakdancing & Martial Arts (Muay, Thai Kickboxing). David joined Evolved Generation as an Ambassador in 2015 and performed at World Vegan Day that year demonstrating ZUU ANKORR and Calisthenics Polynesian. David is a qualified personal trainer and fitness instructor, founder of CROSS MOVEMENT – Calisthenics /ZUU /ANKORR and BROTHERSNZ STREET WORKOUT & BAR BROTHERS NZ. He is a sponsored athlete for PranaOn and High Carb Health Nutritionists. David’s goal is to compete at INBA Men’s Physique 2016.



Michelle Bayley

Evolved Generation Ambassador, Pilates Instructor

 Michelle is a qualified fitness and pilates instructor, personal trainer and is currently studying nutrition. She lives in Gippsland, Victoria and works for two gyms, as well as running her own small fitness training business: ‘Life In Balance’. When she’s not working you can usually find Michelle in the gym training herself! For years Michelle ran competitively individually, and also with the Harriers. In the past year she has focused on weight lifting with the hopes of competing in the next 12 months. Michelle’s experience and interests broadly range from prehab and rehab, sports specific strength and conditioning and hypertrophy programing. 3 years ago Michelle made the transition to veganism for ethical reasons and has since been vocal in the local community, promoting a plant-based diet and educating others on the truths behind the meat and dairy industry. Not only does she believe meat, dairy and egg consumption is cruel and unnecessary, but I believes a plant-based diet is the answer to many health problems, something Michelle has experienced personally!

Billy Simmonds

PranaOn founder, athlete and entrepreneur

Billy is an Australian professional natural bodybuilder, powerlifter, martial artist and vegan business owner. He is the winner of the 2009 Mr. Natural Universe title, holds multiple black-belts in martial arts and has set world titles performing feats of strength. Billy is a passionate advocate of a vegan lifestyle for its health, environmental and ethical benefits, and speaks all over Australia to share his insights and experience. A presenter at World Vegan Day on numerous occasions, his PranaOn fitness nutrition company has also sponsored the event in 2015 and 2016. Billy was the highlight for many people at last year’s World Vegan Day when he demonstrated (and smashed!) one of CrossFit’s most gruelling workouts: King Kong.

Alaina McMurray

Fitness Zone – Smoothie and Spin Bikes area co-ordinator

Alaina has long had a passion for health, fitness, and motivating others. After being plant-based and vegan for 5+ years, she is a strong advocate for living the vegan lifestyle.  Alaina is the Head of Ride at Bodhi & Ride, a fitness and wellness studio in Port Melbourne. There she leads classes full of positive and inspirational vibes, heavy bass lines, and a non-stop dance party. For her, fitness is all about having fun, not taking yourself too seriously, and embracing the sweat. When not training on the bike, Alaina is found blending up delicious vegan smoothies or making raw vegan treats at her smoothie bar, Lains & Co., located inside of Bodhi & Ride. Her Motto is: “You only have one body: make it last a lifetime. Nourish it with delicious and nutritious foods and keep it in condition with physical activities. Treat your body well and it will give you the same respect right back.”

Andrew Taylor – ‘SPUD FIT’

Fitness Zone – Special Guest

A former elite junior kayaker, Andrew was clinically depressed and as far from his earlier success as he could be in 2015 (tipping the scales at 151kg), when in a moment of clarity he realised the root cause of his problems was a food addiction. Aided by a degree in sports science and interest in nutrition research, this Melbourne husband and father decided that something had to change. The beginning of Andrew’s story will be familiar one, particularly if you’re a yo-yo dieter yourself or know someone who has struggled with their weight. But the solution to his problem might come as a surprise to you … as it has to the various media outlets around the world who have covered his story from January 1st of this year: Andrew has quit food entirely – all except for the humble ‘spud’. The aim of the ‘Spud Fit Challenge’ was to change his relationship with food, to stop relying in it for enjoyment, comfort and emotional support. Andrew shares what he’s learned this year about food psychology and some techniques for dealing with cravings. He also discusses the nutritional value of potatoes and shares how his physical and mental health has improved over the course of his challenge, including losing over 50kgs so far this year. Andrew will appear on the Speakers’ Stage, and as a special guest in the Fitness Zone.

Miroslav Petrovic

Fitness Zone – Tribe cacao dance party coordinator

Miroslav is the Co-Founder of Tribe One Heartbeat – Australia’s largest raw cacao ceremony party series. These alcohol and drug-free, family friendly chocolate celebrations open hearts and minds to a new way of socialising and connecting to oneself and community. Tribe has been featured in media outlets such as The Age newspaper and Channel 9 news television. Miroslav has travelled jungles, ashrams and deserts to explore and overcome his demons and fears so that he may bring his unique gifts to the world. He has worked with over 4,000 people supporting them to remember their soul’s calling and to live as an expression of their heart. Miroslav generally works with heart-based entrepreneurs and change-makers supporting them with clarity, confidence and courage to live their life’s purpose and deliver conscious change to the world.

Marcus Abbonizio

Fitness Zone –  Yoga Instructor

It is Marcus’s belief that our suffering, the suffering of our environment and that of its beautiful beings is caused by a disconnection from our true self. Increasing the awareness and healing of this divide has been one of the driving forces behind Marcus taking up sharing his understanding of the practice of yoga. Marcus is trained in and teaches in the Yin Yoga style. Yin works with deep tissue stretches –  regenerating one’s body through a slow and meditative practice. In Yin, it is all about letting go of any ‘effort’ and allowing the body to release naturally into each pose. The further you let go, the deeper you go.

Tayla Freeman

Fitness Zone – Pilates Instructor

Tayla is a qualified reformer and mat pilates instructor, who is a big believer in the Pilates philosophy. The Philosophy is “Contrology” which was the name Joseph Pilates gave his methods, reflecting his belief in the importance of the mind’s control over the body. “It is the mind itself which builds the body. The pilates method teaches you to be in control of your body and not at its mercy.” After starting out teaching mat classes in a gym, Tayla followed her goals by starting up her own home studio – ‘Empowering Mind and Body Pilates’ at the age of 19. After almost a year, she has grown a healthy and successful  business, and is positively spreading the importance of this method of working out. Tayla’s passion lies with teaching reformer Pilates, as that is where she fell in love with pilates as a client herself and saw tremendous changes in her body and mind. Tayla also currently teaches at KX Pilates to further her teaching scope and knowledge.

Catherine Gilford

Fitness Zone – Smoothie Spin Bikes instructor
4:15pm – 5pm: ‘Bodhi & Ride VS Bike ‘n Blend’ Smoothie Spin Class

As a personal trainer, ride instructor at Bodhi and Ride in Port Melbourne and former bodybuilder, Catherine believes that a strong mind and joyous existence comes from a strong and healthy body. As a post-graduate student at the University of Melbourne undertaking a Masters of Development Studies, Catherine is critical of the impacts of a non-vegan lifestyle on global poverty, environmental degradation and social inequality. Through both her activism and training, Catherine empowers her clients and those around her to make positive changes that have the biggest influence on the animals, the people and the planet. Everyone can make a difference – we just have to know how.

Mikaela Di Blasio

Fitness Zone – Pilates Instructor
10:15am – 11am: Power Pilates Class

Mikaela’s dream was to be a professional dancer until the end of high school when her hopes were dashed by a few major injuries. Lots of rehab and time off training opened up her mind to a whole new opportunity. She became a personal trainer, assisted bootcamps, and taught gymnastics to kinder and school aged children. It also got interested in to traveling. Most specifically Mikaela is passionate about volunteering overseas teaching English to children, rebuilding, or wherever she can help! Mikaela knows exercise isn’t the only part of a healthy lifestyle and also eats a plant-based vegan diet for the amazing health benefits, and the heartbreaking ethical reasons. She loves to experiment with new recipes and is constantly inspired in the kitchen by how diverse cooking with plants can be!! Mikaela currently teaches reformer Pilates at KX Pilates, as well as being a part of the F45 functional 45m workout team. When she’s not in the studio you’ll find her out in nature among the trees or by the ocean… with an acai smoothie or fresh juice in hand!

Sienna Formosa

Fitness Zone – Yoga Instructor

Sienna first started practicing yoga 5 years ago when she was looking for an alternative to regular exercise. On her first class she knew that she had found something special. After travelling through India, Sienna decided to train in Vinyasa and Yin yoga and hasn’t looked back since. She is an active vegan who believes in spreading the message of how just simply eating a more plant-based diet can impact the animals and planet in a positive way. Sienna believes that yoga is for everyone and encourages students to listen to their bodies to develop their own yoga awareness. Yoga isn’t about touching your toes, it’s about what you learned on the journey there. Sienna is the founder and studio manager of a yoga centre in South Yarra called OM Yoga Australia.

Jessica Dewar

Fitness Zone – Yoga Teacher

Jessica is an internationally accredited yoga teacher and has completed over 750+ hours of official yoga teacher training in Mysore, India with her teacher, Yogacharya Bharath Shetty. Jessica has been practicing yoga for over ten years, pursuing different styles before finding her true love in Hatha and Ashtanga. Jessica has recently opened Melbourne’s very first yoga studio offering 100% of classes via donation, making yoga accessible to all. Jessica has been vegetarian for over seventeen years and a strict vegan for five, all as part of her commitment to a kinder, gentler world.

Alex Morton

Fitness Zone – assistant yoga instructor

An unlikely yogi, Alex initially found love in the practice of Vinyasa, a dynamic flow that challenges the mind and body, beautifully contrasting a then slightly static life. Through his time on the mat, Alex quickly discovered how he was becoming more in-tune with his body and the world around him, leaving him intrigued and  yearning to go deeper, to learn more. This driving force led him to the spiritual Himalayas of India where he completed his 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in the traditional Ashtanga and Hatha practices. Back in Melbourne, Alex strives to empower and motivate others to reach their full potential promoting a wholistic plant-based lifestyle and the practice of Ahimsa – non-violence – to the animals, to the environment, to themselves.

Alex’s university studies course major was “Anatomy: Human Structure & Function”. In the future, Alex has ambitions to compete in fitness comps to prove the true power of plants, starting literally from ground zero – without  the need for animal products to build muscle.

Shukul Kachwalla

Fitness Zone special guest presenter (New Zealand)
2.30-3pm: ‘Vegan – The Athletic Edge’

Shukul Kachwalla is a certified Natural Health and Holistic Nutrition Practitioner. His passion for health and nutrition is undeniable and he has a goal of helping people overcome sickness and improve health through healthy lifestyle practices. Shukul has recovered from severe hay fever, acne and chronic migraines and recommends a whole foods plant based diet to people who want to improve their quality of life and experience optimal health. He first came across the benefits of a whole foods plant based diet when he witnessed his brother recover from ulcerative colitis, a disease said to have no medical cure, via a change in diet. Shukul and his brother Shamiz run a nutrition consulting and education service in New Zealand and online worldwide called ‘High Carb Health’ specialising in digestive health. The brothers cycle for 150km per week on average and Shukul is training to take part in the around lake Taupo cycle race.

Shamiz Kachwalla

Fitness Zone special guest presenter (New Zealand)
2.30-3pm: ‘Vegan – The Athletic Edge’

Shamiz Kachwalla is a certified Sports Nutrition Consultant and Practitioner. Shamiz has had first hand experience on how to overcome disease through a plant-based diet. He was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis a common digestive disorder, in May 2012 and spent 6 weeks in hospital in Japan. He discovered that a plant based diet plays a vital role in the recovery of such a disease. After being on a plant-based diet and overcoming Ulcerative Colitis, Shamiz has been healthy and fit for over 4 years now. His aim is to make people aware of how a plant-based diet can in many cases cure disease, and is very passionate about spreading the message about how to stay healthy and fit. Shamiz and his brother Shukul run a nutrition consulting and education service in New Zealand and online worldwide called ‘High Carb Health’ specialising in digestive health. The brothers cycle for 150km per week on average and train to take part in cycle races.

Hana Dawson

Fitness Zone – Dance Instructor

Hana and Nicole have unknowingly (until recently) led similar lifestyles. Starting their roots in rural New Zealand and dancing through our school years. Nicole did mostly ballet, while Hana was the brave soul tumbling through acrobatics. While Hana found her way to study fulltime dance at Danceworld Studios, Nicole was in Auckland performing with a French production company, high-kicking and performing on the regular. Hana completed her studies and a year later Nicole found herself studying fulltime dance at the same place. Fast forward a couple of years, after meeting through a mutual friend we discovered that we both as Kiwi dancers were also keen Yogis and Vegan!

Today Hana is teaching dance and yoga all over Melbourne and performing with various groups. She travelled to India to study Yoga at its heart, then returned after winning a Bollywood Competition where the prize was a flight to India. Since her fulltime study, she has done some contemporary dance and performed in a few shows, including one she co-produced which was a sell-out event.

The 2016 Fitness Zone dance instructors Nicole and Hana both have a passion for moving and performing as well as promoting a healthy and balanced lifestyle, which is often overlooked in the performance world.


Nicole de Malmanche

Fitness Zone – Dance Instructor

Nicole and Hana have unknowingly (until recently) led similar lifestyles. Starting their roots in rural New Zealand and dancing through our school years. Nicole did mostly ballet, while Hana was the brave soul tumbling through acrobatics. While Hana found her way to study fulltime dance at Danceworld Studios, Nicole was in Auckland performing with a French production company, high-kicking and performing on the regular. Hana completed her studies and a year later Nicole found herself studying fulltime dance at the same place. Fast forward a couple of years, after meeting through a mutual friend we discovered that we both as Kiwi dancers were also keen Yogis and Vegan!

The 2016 Fitness Zone dance instructors Nicole and Hana both have a passion for moving and performing as well as promoting a healthy and balanced lifestyle, which is often overlooked in the performance world.

Paras Yazdani

Fitness Zone – Cacao Dance and Tribe Raw Cacao Party Facilitator

Paras is the founder of Cacao Dance – mixed men and women’s dance, and women’s ceremony and dance. This movement offering includes an interactive, deep but fun Cacao Ceremony and dance focusing on transformation, vitality, coming back to self and living our life purpose, and the Co-founder of Tribe One Heartbeat – Australia’s largest Raw Cacao ceremony party series. Tribe has been featured in media outlets such as The Age newspaper and Channel 9 news television.

Paras’s Essence – celebrating life, loving all beings, connecting the community of all ages – especially children, sharing the joy of life and healthy living with adults. Unity is infused in her work as a Cacao Dance facilitator, Portrait Photographer, and work with children to enjoy a healthy, chemical-free mind, body and soul.

This ‘Tribe One Heartbeat’ mixed with ‘Cacao Dance’ all ages dance party will be the celebration Raw Cacao Party at the end of World Vegan Day in the Fitness Zone. Paras is looking forward to partying with you there!

Myke Love

Fitness Zone – DJ

Myke is a vegan athlete DJ, MC, producer and event manager for the We Love L1fe festival and many other plant-based events in both Cairns (where he now lives with his wife and new baby), and Melbourne. Here’s a fun rhyme from Myke!

Funky Fresh y’all
Feeling Fresh y’all
Feeling Flyer
Hot like Fyah
Here to Inspire
Taking us Higher
Quench our Desire
Eating Papaya

Claire Corkill

Fitness Zone – Hour Of Power presenter

Claire has a very broad range of sports she enjoys including Taekwondo, body sculpting and swimming. Since becoming vegan in 2014 for ethical reasons, Claire developed a strong passion for bodybuilding and strength training and is currently working towards competing again next year with an extra 10kg of muscle compared to last year. Claire works out of Mini Monster PT.


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