Yoga for Inner Strength and Peace with Jo Stewart

10:00am – 11:00am • Sun 12th Nov 2017
RASV Building, Melbourne Showgrounds

Fun and Focussed Boxing with Ryan Selkrig

11:00am – 12:00pm • Sun 12th Nov 2017
RASV Building, Melbourne Showgrounds

The FITNESS ZONE aims to encourage the growth of plant-fuelled fitness and healthy lifestyles through education, inspiration, collaboration and demonstration! This is an area for anyone curious to discover how a compassionate, well-designed plant-based diet can enhance an active lifestyle. We have a variety of fitness enthusiasts this year running Yoga, Boxing and Latin dance classes through the earlier sessions and in the afternoon we have body builders sharing their knowledgeable experiences followed by the amazing strength and callisthenics performances. Check out the profiles below of some of the incredible people we have in the fitness zone this year!

(In alphabetical order)

Analía Herbes

I am from Argentina, I have been a latin dancer since I am 19. I am a mum of a 14 year old teen now. Did Certificate 4 in Fitness and Zumba in the years 2008-2009 since then taught classes and run events in Melbourne. I became vegan in January 2012, it was my new year resolution after watching Earthlings but I was already leaning towards a raw vegan diet for health and nutrition reasons plus inspired by a life situation that involved my son’s health. I have a new page on fb called “I heal Me” where I intend to inspire people to live a lifestyle in tune with nature through a vegan diet mostly raw/fruitarian, dance, Yoga, meditation etc

Learn some dance moves and get fit with Analia at 1pm!

Alexandra Pali

Five years ago, I got into the bodybuilding lifestyle as a means to reach my fitness goals. My trainer encouraged me to eat six meals a day, each featuring large amounts of animal protein to supplement my training. Three weeks out from my first competition, I was suddenly bedridden and was found to have jaundice and an enlarged fatty liver. I never got the chance to compete. On the outside I looked fit and lean but my insides were not. My body was shutting down. I believe this is because human bodies are not made to withstand the large amounts of animal proteins that I was consuming on a daily basis.
I started eating less meat as a means to improve my health. As I educated myself, I started to realise how hypocritical it was for me to say that I loved animals while still eating meat and dairy. I’ve now been vegan for almost three years. I now eat a whole foods diet and I’ve re-found my serious passion for fitness. Now I find that my energy levels are always super high and I always have the motivation to exercise.
I love CrossFit, boxing, bodybuilding, running and cycling. CrossFit is my favourite because of the wide variety of exercises I get to do. Now, my ultimate goal is to become a competitive CrossFitter and compete in the CrossFit Games.

Want to learn move about crossfit, you can see Alexandra demo her cross fit moves at 5pm!

Angela Hesson

Angela has been vegan for 15 years and vegetarian since childhood. She became interested in bodyweight training three years ago after reading an article entitled ‘Why Women Can’t Do Pullups’, which she has enjoyed disproving ever since. She works as a curator and spends her free time rehabilitating animals and dangling off bars.

Angela trains at Melbourne Calisthenics:

Come and see Angela do her amazing tricks on the bars at 5pm in the Fitness Zone!

Billy Simmonds

Billy Simmonds is a vegan business owner, martial artist, bodybuilder, winner of the 2009 INBA Mr. Universe title, and most recently named Entrepreneur of the Year for Australia’s Northern Region. In 2014, Billy established Eco Superfoods, a 100% vegan company which has been a proud sponsor of World Vegan Day for three consecutive years.

Whilst diverse in his pursuits, most notably Billy is an advocate for vegan health and nutrition, the environment, and kindness towards animals. His talks and exciting performances at World Vegan Day have also been a highlight for many attendees. This year, Billy will attempt to lift 10 tonnes in 10 minutes! For each deadlift of 100 kilograms, aiming for 100 reps within the 10 minutes, Eco Superfoods / PranaOn will donate to Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary’s Pay-to-Play program.

Be sure not to miss this suspenseful performance at 4pm! #PoweredByPlants

David DC Cordtz

David was born in raised in South Auckland, Otara (New Zealand). His passions are bodyweight training, freedom of movement, mobility, flexibility and functional training.

After discovering Frank Medrano online and watching a few vegan films like earthlings, David went vegan overnight in July 2014 and recently won the following titles!
2017 NZ FITNESS MODEL MALE WINNER awarded by Jade MacKinnon

His background and skills are:
Martial Arts (Muay, Thai Kickboxing, Recently Tong Long Chow Gar Gung Fu)
Rugby League/Touch Football
GROUPS associated with are as follows:
David is a Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor at Ludus Magnus and Tony Martins Gym in Auckland New Zealand. He is a sponsored advocate for Certified Organic and Vegan Company PranaOn and also a High Carb Health Nutrition Sponsored Athlete.

David’s goal is to compete as a vegan calisthenics athlete in a world calisthenics organisations competition like Battle of The Bars, King of The Bars , World Street Workout Competitions throughout the world.

You can catch David at both the 2pm Bodybuilders panel interview and also in the 5pm Cross Movement demo!

Eric Chung

Eric has been a fitness instructor since 2005 and training across numerous disciplines (Yoga, Pilates, circus, movement, calisthenics). Previously, Eric never cared about his diet and was eating whatever he wanted thinking it was ok as long as he stayed active. At the end of 2016, he was confident about his physical health, however he had a major health scare being told by his doctor that he was pre-diabetic, had high cholesterol, and high blood pressure.
He decided it was time to make some serious changes and this year 2017, he decided to give veganism a shot. In october 2017, he was told by his doctor that he is no longer pre-diabetic and his cholesterol has dropped to acceptable range as has his blood pressure.

He is also at his best physically now and will demonstrate his awesome flexibility and strength in the 5pm Cross Movement session, so come check him out!

Geoff O’Brien

Geoff has been vegetarian almost his whole life and vegan for nearly 3 years now. He has been a competitive bodybuilder for a few years now and has competed in many events, and achieved some great results:
2011 ANB Novice tall
2015 INBA Open tall
2017 ANB under 90kg – took 1st place in Melbourne!
2017 ANB under 90kg – took 3rd place in Victoria!

He is also very passionate about spreading the vegan message and has been a long time animal rights activist. His future goal is to take the next step and challenge for the national title. He wants to smash the stereotype that vegans are disadvantaged and can’t compete!

Come and hear Geoff share his tips at the 2pm Body Builders panel interview session where there will also be time to ask your own questions too.

James Doney

James has been vegan for 2.5 years and has been training in calisthenics for 2 years, before this he trained in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, mixed martial arts, Muay Thai, boxing and gymnastics. Having taken a break from training before going vegan he is proud to have built the skills and strength he has as a vegan. He owns and manages an organic grocer First Harvest Organics, which he has done for 2 years.

Be sure to catch James doing his amazing moves on the bars at 5pm!

Jo Stewart

Jo Stewart discovered yoga while studying Visual Art at RMIT in 1998, and since then she has found that practicing meditation and yoga helps her enjoy living and creating to her full potential. She became vegan around this time. Jo has been teaching for over 10 years and runs her own Melbourne studio, Garden of Yoga, where she teaches Antigravity Aerial Yoga, Pilates, Yin and Vinyasa classes to small groups. She is a level 3 Senior teacher with Yoga Australia, and specialises in creatively adapting these practices to best serve each individuals unique needs.

Jo is passionate about celebrating Melbourne’s fantastic vegan culture – she and her husband Rane Bowen created to share their favourite places to eat (and have an excuse to try ALL the vegan treats!). They also produce the Flow Artist Podcast together – focusing on yoga, movement and meditation.

Keith Sampson

Keith is originally from the UK and has lived in Australia for 3 years now. He works as a coach in Melbourne and has a real passion for supporting people through their health and fitness journey which he believes encompasses not just fitness but mindset and nutrition as well. Keith consumed a lot of meat previously and had considered cutting it out for awhile but didn’t know if a non meat diet could support muscle growth, he made the decision to cut meat out and most dairy products two years ago, then going full vegan four months ago. He’s now in the best shape he’s ever been in! Keith has been training calisthenics for 4 years now with goals of muscle growth and progression of skill movements such as handstands.

Watch Keith do his tricks at the 5pm Cross Movement session!

Marie Millers

Marie went vegan four years ago with her husband initially for health but as they understood more about the suffering of animals it was for many more reasons.
 Marie is 52 years old and feels like she is in her 30’s, she has four children, runs her own business and a busy household, a few years ago she started weight training 5-6 days a weeks and at the age of 50 she competed in her first body sculpting fitness show with competitors half her age. Since then she has competed in three more fitness shows as a vegan. She is also a keen cyclist and has competed in many 50 km Mountain Bike events around Victoria.

See Marie at the 2pm Body Builders panel interview for Q&A

Nawaf Alghanem

Nawaf Alghanem also known as Ofi is a full time Management Accountant, but health and fitness have been his passion since he was a teenager and he has found time to commit to training regularly over the last 9 years. He is also committed to doing his part in real world issues, such as World poverty, Climate change, Animal rights and many others which have lead him to reconsider his whole lifestyle. As a result he cut out meat and dairy a year ago and has gone on to compete in WBFF Gold Coast this year on a vegetarian diet excluding dairy. Realising that it was an easy step to become vegan he also recently stopped consuming eggs and became 100% Plant based. His goal now is to continue competing on a plant-based diet in the WBFF fitness model category and spread awareness through fitness and health.

Come and find out more about Ofi at the 2pm Body Builders panel interview session where there will also be time to ask your own questions too.

Ryan Selkrig

Ryan has been an active vegan for a number of years now competing in obstacle course races like tough mudder and stampede and the 48km obstacle race called the spartan ultrabeast!. Ryan has many years experience in running fitness bootcamps and High Intensity Interval Training in various outdoor locations and over the summer runs private PT classes in the sand on different beach locations, combining various training methods, terrains and conditions, Ryan’s philosophy is to work the body for progress, change and vitality.

Join Ryan for his boxing fitness class at 11am, limited places available!

Click here to register!


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