Christmas Gift Ideas – Our Top Picks!

With Christmas just around, we’ve got you covered at this year’s World Vegan Day Festival. There really is something for everyone and you will be able to buy a range of unique, cruelty-free presents for all your loved ones.

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Cruelty-free Toiletries – Our Top Picks!

Is your toothpaste vegan? Is your moisturiser cruelty-free? Is your deodorant natural? Are the ingredients sustainable? Here we have compiled a list of some of the vegan toiletries’ brands that will be exhibiting at this year’s festival and discuss what ingredients their products contain, or more importantly what they DON’T contain!

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Getting to know Julie Mathers from Flora & Fauna

Julie Mathers is the CEO of Flora & Fauna, Australia’s largest 100% vegan and cruelty free beauty & lifestyle store. They’re a brand driven by a mission to change the way people shop. In this interview, Julie took some time to let us know... read more

Prana On, with Billy Simmonds

A great interview with Billy Simmonds, director of Prana On. And a former winner of the Mr. Universe title in 2009. Billy talks about his business Prana On, about his achievements and what he is currently up too. Also has a chat to us about the upcoming World Vegan Day Melbourne event, where you can see him in the RASV Building 13 at the Fitness stage on Sunday the 12th of November.

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Clare Mann on Vystopia

We’re thrilled to have Clare Mann present on Vystopia after her first video on the subject went viral within days of release. Clare will explore how to turn the challenges of living in a non-vegan world into powerful action to create the compassionate and healthy world we wish to belong to.

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Recycle During Your Cycle

As a woman, the menstrual products you choose to purchase may be the most important, ongoing consumer decision you make in your lifetime. Knowing this, wouldn’t you want to purchase a product that aligns with your personal values and is better for your health?

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Spotlight on the speakers: Bonnie Murthy from Vegan Wares

Bonnie Murthy is the owner of Melbourne based vegan footwear business Vegan Wares. She will be speaking at World Vegan Day Melbourne so make sure you take the time to say hi! Getting to know Bonnie Murthy Why did you decide to launch Vegan Wares?  My step-father... read more

Vegan & Vegetarian Eateries In Victoria

Vegan & Vegetarian Eateries – Sept 2017 The much sought after Vegan & Vegetarian Eateries list has been updated. The number of Vegetarian restaurants is 185, which is a massive jump from what is was in 2009 when it was only 57. However the rise in fully... read more


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