This year Veg Vic will be running the speakers zone called Vegan Voices. Sponsored by Northcote Natural Therapies, the talks at World Vegan Day educate and inform the public about issues such as sustainability, access to nutritious food, the ethics of our food choices, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, saving water, reducing waste, animal treatment and exploitation, reducing food miles, increasing biodiversity, the environmental impact of animal industries, fitness and the economic issues regarding human food choices.

Janette Murray-Wakelin and Alan Murray

RAW VEGAN, Making the Connection (Presentation Part 1) There’s more to being Raw Vegan than you may realise! Janette and Alan will share their 16+ years experience as raw vegans and how making the connection that a Raw Vegan Conscious Lifestyle is about more than what we eat! This inspiring talk and visual presentation will provide more reasons than one to motivate and reinforce your resolve to become and stay raw vegan for life.

Announcement: Screening 'RAW - The Documentary'

In affiliation with Melbourne World Vegan Day, discounted tickets to the Screening will be available at World Vegan Day after A & J’s talk. (*Details to be announced*)

Riding on Rave Reviews from the Australian Premiere Screening Tour of ‘RAW the Documentary’; the USA Premiere Screening at the Woodstock Fruit Festival, New York; the Hong Kong Premiere Screening at the HK Raw Festival; the China Premiere Screening Tour and the Indonesia Premiere Screening at the Bali Vegan Festival, the cinematically produced feature film is based on Janette and Alan’s World Record Run around Australia during 2013. An epic achievement of running 366 consecutive marathons (a total of 15,782 km), a marathon per day (no days off!), fuelled entirely on a Raw Vegan diet, while wearing Vibram barefoot shoes! Watch as this dynamic duo surpass grueling challenges during a run through the harsh terrain of this unforgiving continent and redefine what you think is possible!

Q&A with Alan and Janette

A Change of Pace, Walking Within (Presentation Part 2)

Since Running around Australia, Janette and Alan have hiked a total of 4100 km, walking along the Pilgrim Trails in France and Spain. The Pilgrim Way (France) and Camino (Spain) have been followed since the 13th century from points all over Europe to the Spanish town of Santiago de Compostella.  With the change of pace from running to walking, they have enjoyed the experience of ‘Walking Within’, which they will share during their talk and visual presentation of their adventures along the Way. They will also outline their latest adventure of hiking on the Pilgrim Trail in China, a two week hike in the Himalayan foothills with an ascent of 3,000 m.


Andrew Taylor

A former elite junior kayaker, Andrew was clinically depressed and as far from his earlier success as he could be in 2015, tipping the scales at 151kg, when in a moment of clarity he realised the root cause of his problems was a food addiction. Aided by a degree in sports science and interest in nutrition research, the Melbourne husband and father decided that the humble spud could hold the answer. The story of his decision to treat his addiction by quitting food (almost) entirely quickly went viral and had world media in a frenzy.

Anna Weatherlake

Anna Weatherlake is an animal activist, eco-warrior, traveller, food enthusiast and journalism graduate. After a number of years working in the media industry, Anna found herself packing her suitcase to make a move to England where her partner, Australian cricketer Peter Siddle, was to be based for six months. On the other side of the world and without a job, Anna decided to combine her passion for animal rights and her love of writing and launch Earth by Anna, a lifestyle blog dedicated to cruelty-free fashion, beauty, food, travel and the environment. Now, Earth by Anna reaches 100,000 readers annually and aims to encourage and inspire people to live a more compassionate and cruelty-free lifestyle.

A lifelong vegetarian before turning vegan five years ago, Anna spends most of her time in Melbourne with her partner, four dogs and five chooks.

Bonnie Murthy

Bonnie is co-director of Vegan Wares. She grew up with a passion for science, then worked in public relations for clients like Microsoft, Department of Human Services, Breast Cancer foundation and more. After years of searching, she finally found herself at home at Vegan Wares. She has a passion for sustainable & ethical fashion, production and consumption, and believes that educating the next generation is the way to turn the whole world vegan.

Clare Mann

Clare Mann is an Australian-based vegan psychologist, best-selling author and passionate animal advocate. She consults with clients all over the world to help address the personal and social challenges of being vegan and living in a non-vegan world.

She runs public and in-house training programs in communication, team-building and ethical leadership and is Editor in Chief of the digital business magazine Ethical Futures: Conversations that Matter, which champions initiatives that are profitable and successful, without abusing people, the environment or animals.

Doug Leith

Douglas Leith has been involved in animal issues from promoting veganism to saving ducks to demonstrations for over 25 years and vivisection (animal experimentation) has been his primary focus. Since becoming aware of the terrible cruelty and later the non-predictiveness of animal research for humans and its counter productivity historically and presently as well as the enormous animal welfare implications he has presented information in this regard at the Animal Activist Forum, Cruelty Free Festival, World Vegan Day, Institute for Critical Animal Studies (Oceania), World Event to End Animal Cruelty (Melbourne) and at MacQuarie and Sydney Universities. He seeks public debate on the subject of animal experimentation and is pleased to see an increasing level of awareness amongst activists and the public of the fact that basing human medicine on other species is bad for animals and humans and of the scientific methods which should immediately replace it

Dr. Helen Voronina

Dr Helen Voronina is the principal dentist at “Dr Helen’s Dental & Implant Studio”. Having graduated from the University of Melbourne and later from the Brener Implant Institute, in her practice she places emphases on the implant, aesthetic and reconstructive dentistry. She is a member of the Australian Dental Association, The International Congress of Implantology and The Australian Society of Implant Dentistry (ASID).

Jason Carstens

Jason Carstens is a vegan of nearly 30 years. He is a committee member of WVD, which he has emceed for thirteen years and is VP of VegVic. He has had a career in stand-up comedy and brings humour, passion and knowledge to the table.
This year Jason presents, “Everything old is new again.” He will demonstrate historically that there is nothing new about being vegan. With quotes and discussions from philosophers such as Plato, Sophocles and Pythagoras, to modern day luminaries and celebrities, (plus a few of his own), the talk is intended to be fun and informative. It is all about normalising the marginalised and changing perceptions to the most natural diet of all.

Mark Doneddu

Mark has had extensive experience researching vegan health issues. He regularly presents talks on health and nutrition on behalf of Vegetarian Victoria. As well as being President of Vegetarian Victoria, Mark is a founder and Director for World Vegan Day Melbourne. He has spoken at many major events around the country. Mark has also been interviewed on many popular radio stations, such as the ABC, Radio National, 3AW, 3MTR, 3RRR, 3MDS, 3CR and newspapers such as The Age and The Herald Sun.

Tammy Fry Kelly

Tammy Fry Kelly is a passionate ambassador for all things sustainable, green, and good for the planet, your body and your plate. Her over-a-decade experience at the helm of marketing at Fry’s Family Foods (an International Producer of Foods – also sold in Coles & WW in Australia) is guided by nutritional expertise, a love of fitness, love of the environment and outdoor lifestyle. Enabling others to live a happier and more energetic lifestyle through plant-based nutrition is the cornerstone of her passion. She is also the director of Meat Free Mondays AUS and South Africa where she promotes a flexitarian lifestyle as one of the major solutions to unsustainable food choices, global warming and awareness of the cruelty we see in the industrial production of animals in factory farms.


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