One of the large draw-cards to World Vegan Day, this is a great activity for like-minded people to meet and network, promoting social inclusion in a friendly and open manner. Our Speed Dating activity provides opportunities for people to participate and connect with others with a format that encourages social networking with a large diverse range of people. The fast pace of the program allows participants to avoid awkward and uncomfortable situations, and is totally free.

Nikki Darling has a carefully curated range of quality vegan sex essentials, pleasure products and luxe treats for you to choose from, and invites you to spend some time in our webstore or see us in person at one of our events in Melbourne, Australia. Nikki Darling is committed to creating spaces that are fun, approachable and safe for you to learn about sexual health and pleasure. Our experienced retail sex educators are happy to answer your questions and help you choose the right product for your specific needs, without compromising your ethics.


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