Ancestral Living Zone – Learning From the Past

Come and experience the Vegan lifestyle that loves your body and loves the planet too!

Enjoy a Feast in a Bowl from Urban Projuice, highlighting foods our ancestors ate and your body craves.  Refule with delicious whole foods this World Vegan Day

Delight in the choice of Fresh Kombucha on Tap from Grateful Harvest, low in sugar, big in taste, try one or try them all – bottles and tasting paddles on offer.  Kombucha made from fermenting tea, was prized by our forefathers for over 2,000 years

Relax in our mindful eating zone – take time to savour the delicious food on offer, and to understand why mindful eating is key to good health

Be amazed how the E3Live blue green alagaes help solve the questions surrounding sourcing sustainable nutrient dense food – understand the story, adore the taste.  The ancient Aztecs, especially their runners, respected the power of this food.

Explore the process of creating your own living foods, easily and affordably.  Hands On Fermented Vegetable Sessions run through out the day with Ferment Frenzy sharing their skill and offering fabulous ferments to try and buy too.

Engage  in the process of growing your food.  A Fresh Legacy will get you started!  Sessions run through the day, Consider purchasing a Take Home Kit making the process fun and easy – from seed to plate.

Connect with the farmers who are growing our food in a sustainable and respectful manner.  Their story is our story, learn how our choices empower the farmers to manage the land in a way that respects, nurtures and restores.

Rekindle the wisdom of the ages.  Long before the pharmacy there were essential oils – our ancestors honoured their roll in nourishing the body and nourishing the sou.l   ReJenU will be highlighting different doTERAA essential oils through out the day for your enjoyment

Embrace ancestral living within our modern lifestyle.  Learn how fermented herbs can help forge the link between nourishing foods and our busy lives.  Grateful Harvest’s Botanical Bar combines herbs that have been used since ancient times with easy to implement ideas.

Entertain the children with book readings & colouring in.  Happy Happy Poo, The Story of Tiny Creatures, tells the captivating story of the tiny creatures living in each of us –    educate * empower * inspire change

Have you taken our Ancestral Quiz?  How Ancestral is your current lifestyle and diet?



Urban Produce

All day

Fresh whole food & mindful eating.  Enjoy eating your meal at our community table.

Ferment Frenzy

10:00 -12:00,  12:30 – 2:30,   3:00 – 5.00

Learn to ferment Vegetables Hands on Activity, take a small jar home you’ve made on the day.

A Fresh Legacy

10:00 -12:00,  12:30 – 2:30,   3:00 – 5.00

Learn how to create your own pots for growing seedlings & take home your first seedling to grow.

Grateful Harvest

10:00 -12:00,  12:30 – 2:30,   3:00 – 5.00

Children’s book reading Happy Happy Poo, The Story of Tiny Creature, Colouring in

From Field to Table with Raw Eatables Farm

How often do you think about  the farmers  who grow our food and what farming practices they use to grow food in a sustainable and respectful manner?  Did you  know our buying habits dictate what they grow and how they grow it?  Their story becomes our story; making good choices empowers our farmers to manage the land so that future generations will have great options too.

This World Vegan Day, come and be inspired by David Da Eira, as he steps you through the process of sustainable, ethical food choices.
David Da Eira has built up years of experience in the organic industry. Over the last decade he has been an independent researcher of health and studied while in practice of organic growing, biodynamics, permaculture and biological soil management. He’s a passionate speaker on the keys to living a balanced and healthy lifestyle. He has the biggest green thumb you’ve ever seen!

“Through our veggies we aim to educate and inspire others to move ‘back’ to organic/traditional (chemical free) food and allow the body to cleanse and heal.”

David’s company Raw Eatables Farm have developed a way to make it easy and convenient for locals to access organics. They call it FSC (Farmer Supports Community) service. Offering a ‘to your door’ delivery service

Meet David in the Vegan Ancestry Zone between 1-4pm this World Vegan Day.

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Raw Eatables Farm


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