Becoming a volunteer we are sure you’ll feel rewarded in seeing a healthy and compassionate lifestyle promoted to our local community – and feel a sense of pride in delivering one of the best vegan festivals in the world. Hopefully, you’ll meet some great people along the way, and maybe leave a positive impression of veganism with someone on the day. We have many roles that we need help with.

We are a not for profit group made up of volunteers, the only members  that received payment are professional that are required to make the event compliant and some members get reimbursed for the expenses they incurred during the year.  We also pay for staff to get trained and resources in areas that will benefit the event.

We can offer Internships
The largest demographic of attendees at World Vegan Day is the 18-25 year old group. It is also the group where the greatest growth of Vegans comes from. since World Vegan Day started we have had volunteers from Melbourne University, Monash, Swinburne and other Universities help run the event. Additional to that, for the last few years World Vegan Day has allowed students studying event management to be actively involved in taking on key roles in running of World Vegan Day, under the guidance of an Professional event manager for 16 years and also teachers of event management and we do our best to align the students assessment  outcomes with their roles at World Vegan day, during the 9 months of planning leading up to the event and on the day itself. With veganism having such a cross-cultural appeal international student’s volunteer are encourage to apply and attended this festival.

90% of the training is held and William Angliss Institute by professional teachers. Students are trained in using the latest technologies and software ASANA, Xmind, Visio, Microsoft Suite

For all the roles before event roles

  • All out of pocket expense will be reimbursed but needs approval before spent.

Please contact volunteers@wvd.org.au if you have more questions.


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