What’s on at World Vegan Day 2017

Live Music


The musical acts at World Vegan Day both entertain and expose the audience to a wide range diverse musical styles and cultural influences. With musicians of all ages, from teens to performers in their 60’s, the World Vegan Day live music stage brings you a great mix of international and local acts, the line-up appeals to a broad range of audiences and age groups. Read More

Cooking Demos


WVD food demonstrations are a great way for people to learn how to prepare healthy, kinder food options without animals or animal products, which are high in necessary vitamins, minerals, and of course protein, for optimal health. The demonstrations will show everyone how to prepare vegan meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Including everything from health and raw foods to vegan comfort food and desserts. It covers foods for athletes to busy workers, simple family meals to gourmet dishes. The food styles prove that vegans eat more than just grass with delicious food from all over the world. Encompassing the cultural diversity of Australia, influences include South American, Italian, Indian, Asian, and African cuisines. Many of the dishes are prepared so creatively with simple ingredients, that many wonder how some traditional meat and dairy based dishes can be made into vegan delights. Read More

Vegan Cook Off

Vegan Cook Off is a cooking competition held at World Vegan Day Melbourne 2017 in the food demo area In Building 8! This time round Matcha Mylkbar & Handsome Her will go head to head to create a series of canapés for you to EAT!

– 6 Canapés prepared & cooked by the two teams for you to devour!
– The chance to watch these two popular Melbourne vegan cafés battle it out!
– You judge each round of canapés to reveal the winner of Vegan Cook Off – Canapé Edition 2017! Come and be a part of this amazing event!

Tickets available here: www.trybooking.com/book/event?eid=319214

Fashion Show


The fashion show is a great platform to showcase the emerging but rapidly growing business area which is Vegan Fashion. It displays the latest creative designs from Australian and International designers and manufacturers of vegan clothing, belts, bags, scarves, and footwear. All free of animal products. Read More

Fitness Zone
The World Vegan Day Fitness Zone provides bodybuilding and exercise tips along with weightlifting, yoga, calisthenics, meditation, aerobics, and CrossFit demonstrations for everybody interested in their health and fitness. Other fun interactive activities include encouraging people to jump on an exercise bike and peddling up a delicious plant-based smoothie.  It is recognised that there is a relationship between sedentary behaviour such as sitting and increasing the risk of chronic disease and obesity. There are coaches on hand to answer questions and encourage participation and interaction. This zone will encourage vegans to get more active. Read More
Speakers Zone


This year Veg Vic will be running the speakers zone called Vegan Voices. Sponsored by Northcote Natural Therapies, the talks at World Vegan Day educate and inform the public about issues such as sustainability, access to nutritious food, the ethics of our food choices, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, saving water, reducing waste, animal treatment and exploitation, reducing food miles, increasing biodiversity, the environmental impact of animal industries, fitness and the economic issues regarding human food choices. Read More

Kids Area


A family friendly area where children of all ages can participate in activities all day. Arts and craft making, Storytelling, Jumping castle and a scavenger hunt.  This is not child minding service but rather a place for parents to spend time with their children. Read More

Vegan Paleo


This year the NEW Vegan Paleo area will turn to the experts to highlight the Paleo and Vegan Diets and the history behind them. The area will also explain the benefits of the Paleo Diet in the Modern day Era, the controversial Paleo vs Vegan Paleo diet and the negatives of a Meat Centred Paleo Diet. Interactive and educational models and diagrams of the human digestive system will be on display, highlighting comparisons of carnivorous and herbivorous animals. Read More

Veg Vic


With a focus on learning and education, a panel of experts from Vegetarian Victoria will answer questions about vegan health, nutrition and fitness, the environment and sustainability, education about animal welfare, and living a compassionate and ethical lifestyle. It is widely known that poor dietary choices lead to poor health outcomes, including the major diseases affecting Australians. Questions about the different foods available for different diets and lifestyle requirements, where to shop, what products are available, and adapting the Vegan lifestyle to all areas of life are addressed by an expert panel. Information will be provided, and a discussion initiation group will share information and ideas. Acting as a network hub where people with different talents and skills can connect and collaborate with each other. Read More

Speed Dating


One of the large draw-cards to World Vegan Day, this is a great activity for like-minded people to meet and network, promoting social inclusion in a friendly and open manner. Our Speed Dating activity provides opportunities for people to participate and connect with others with a format that encourages social networking with a large diverse range of people. The fast pace of the program allows participants to avoid awkward and uncomfortable situations, and is totally free.  Read More

Art Show


The art show supports and promotes local artists that display themes of compassion, sustainability, cultural diversity and a healthy lifestyle.  World Vegan Day looks to celebrate work from indigenous Australians and cultures from around the world, providing  students with an opportunity to display their work in front of thousands of people. Read More


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